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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Hatching my little dragon please!
The doors to the Hatchery's private rooms slide open, and out comes Junior Assistant Dr. Newman. His jovial expression attempts to conceal the intense nervousness that comes with his first official hatching; after all, not only is the light-blonde-haired youngster quite socially inept, he knows he is still under evaluation by Dr. Grossman, and that he is still far from a replacement of the great Professor. At best, he is a resident - a very green, but very eager resident.

"Hello Trainers... hum, Jayson and Gary. Wait... Gary? As in Elite Three Gary? Oh god..."

Palms sweaty, knees weak, arms heavy from the weight of the egg pod, he places the large glass container on the counter, praying to Arceus he doesn't drop it in front of Fizzytopia's overlord. Then, he hands Jayson and Gary their PokéBalls containing Balerion and Brynhildr respectively. Finally, he bows and takes three steps back, allowing the parents to witness the miracle of birth with some manner of privacy.

Spoiler: show

Congratulations! You've hatched a Lv 1 Male Dratini!

It knows the following Egg Moves: Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rush, Iron Tail

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