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I was hoping more of you would have replied by now...

Crimson Sanctum

[ Balmund ]

You decide to get the hell out of dodge. You issue one last warning to Topher and his buddy, before turning and hurrying away, the three younger kids in tow. Topher's still almost certainly going to tattle on you just as soon as he can, but with a little luck you'll be long gone before he gets the chance. Beside you, Pepper looks downright exuberant. Stephen and James trail along a few steps behind you; the former is still on the verge of tears while the latter is well and truly absorbed into his electronic device.

"I can't believe we got his Charmander," Pepper gushes. The wheels are already spinning in her devious little head. "We should take my brother's Torchic next, he's a jerk-"

She sounds serious. If she wasn't destined for a life of crime before, she definitely is now. Then again, her parents are Shells. The kids take you back across the street, back to the place where you had first met. You stand in front of a disarmingly suburban image of a middle-class, 3-bedroom/two-bath house, with a well manicured lawn and a porch swing. If you didn't know better, you might never guess this was the nest of an organized crime syndicate.

"You were great," Pepper praises you, genuinely. Evidently, you lived up to all of her expectations of what hired muscle should be. She reaches into her pocket and produces two pieces of hard candy, and a couple of coins, which she dumps into your palm. "There's your payment. If you ever want a job again, this is my house..." She says, motioning to the nearby house. She still thinks she's going to keep the Charmander, evidently. Even without favoring in the stolen Pokemon, her idea of payment is a little paltry. Before you even have the opportunity to protest however, a bright blue sedan pulls into the driveway across the street, and Stephen immediately blanches.

"Oh crap, my cousin is home-" he whimpers. A middle-aged woman with blonde hair and her surly looking preteen son climb out of the car; the other boy looks just a little younger than Topher.

"Oh, look, Jimmy, it's Stephen," the woman chitters. "Why don't you go play with your cousin why I put dinner on?"

As his mother heads for the front door, the boy stares at you a moment, before crossing the street. Stephen all but hides behind you you. He fixes you with a weird look -- you're an unfamiliar adult, after all -- before turning his atention to his cousin.

"Hey, Steph," he greets, pleasantly enough. He glances at the Poke Ball clutched in the blonde's hands. "How's Maggie?"

"Oh, um... she's fine," Stephen lies, right through his teeth. He's sweating bullets. Jimmy reaches out and takes the Poke Ball from his cousin.

"It's time for her snack," he informs, fishing a sandwich baggie full of slightly smooshed Poffins out of his pocket. Before anyone can stop him, he releases the Magikarp onto the sidewalk. It materializes in a flash of light, and... it isn't moving.

"...Maggie?" Jimmy asks, blanching. The fish has only fainted, but the way Jimmy reaches out to poke at her with a horrified expression on his face strongly suggests he's assumed the worst. If the kid freaks out, the parents will probably come to check on him, and then you'll never get a chance to get that Charmander from Pepper.

You've obtained x02 Rare Candies and $100.

What will you do?

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