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The battle is definitely not going in your favour. Muk seems to have an overwhelming advantage in every regard, and to make matters worse, Iron Maiden is in serious risk of being digested by the monster!

For a while, you fear the absolute worst: your Ferroseed has vanished, and Muk shifts its attention to Honedge, who keeps trying his best to pull out the radioactive crystal. The creature slithers towards the living blade, until a blast of ice strikes it on the back. Annoyed but completely undamaged, Muk turns back around, enraged by Blinky’s audacity. It gives up on Honedge, and instead makes its way towards the severely-ill Chinchou, who attempts to fight back with a Thunderbolt that, while hitting its target, is just as ineffective as the previous attack. Is this demon impervious to damage?!

*Blinky has gained 1 Level!*

Things keep going from bad to worse. Blinky’s form has changed almost completely from the intense radiation poisoning, you are also struggling just to remain conscious, and the Muk threatens to devour your entire party. Even the red stone you had admittedly placed some faith on seems to do absolutely nothing. You start wondering if you can make it out, or even summon Sigurd in time to take you to safety… when somehow, stars seem to miraculously align!

Honedge strikes at the stone with everything he has, and in that valiant effort, the wall caves in causing the crystal to fly off and roll across the cavern flor, losing its light! Almost immediately you can feel some of its effects beginning to wane as this happens, and you can swear that, in the midst of your overpowering nausea and light-headedness, you caught a glimpse of colour behind the pile of rocks the crystal was trapped on...
Gazing at the now-inert mineral on the ground, even from a distance you see it possesses a rather uniquely symmetrical shape, leaving little doubt as to what it is: it can only be a 1x Poisonium Z!

*Honedge has gained 3 Levels!*

At the same time, a white glow begins to escape Muk’s mouth, coming from within, and grows in intensity until a literal explosion of light causes the dark being to disperse, shadows scattering all over the cave as if a bomb had just gone off inside Muk’s bowels! The light then fades progressively, and left behind is a large creature bearing only a passing resemblance to the old Iron Maiden: a spherical monster covered in spiked plates and with large whip-like vines for legs looks at you with familiarity, and you can tell it is, in fact, still the Iron Maiden you know and love… only transformed into a mighty !

Shadows dance across the now poorly lit cave, and coalesce once more into the dreaded foe. However, you notice it reforms into a considerably smaller Muk, possibly weakened due to lack of the crystal’s effect. It seems to have retained its voracious appetite, however, and again shifts its attention to Iron Maiden, but something inside tells you that now you might just be able to stand up to the threat!

Radiation Poisoning down to Lv 2
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