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King Ghidorah- The Salandit was closing in fast, racing ahead of the rolling Ferroseeds. You nudge Ponyta forward and the flaming pony kicks off the ground hard, charging forward with a Quick Attack. She barrels over the Salandit, crushing the lizard under her hooves as it Scratches at her legs, causing minimal damage. Some evasive manoeuvres are necessary as Ponyta is forced to dodge the incoming Ferroseeds, but thankfully the Steel types are yet to gather too much speed. As the Salandit turns to pursue, it is met by Onix's powerful head. The Rock type smacks the Salandit aside before bracing for impact, the Ferroseeds slam into her rocky body. Thankfully she resists the attack and the incoming one as well.

Ponyta lets loose a rippling torrent of fire, the Flamethrower bathes half the Ferroseeds and causes them to screech in pain. They quickly succumb to the super effective attack and topple over, the remaining few look enraged by the treatment of their friends. With their Rollouts stopped by Onix's body, the Ferroseeds begin to claw at Onix with metallic claws. The Salandit shakes itself off and comes at Ponyta again, this time with Poison Gas, seeping from its jaws. Ponyta was still quite healthy, while the Salandit was looking battered but resilient. Onix was in trouble however, with the remaining Ferroseeds now taking to it with super effective attacks of their own. All the while, the remaining two Salandits were getting further and further away with the wheelbarrow, lessening your chances of recovering the old miners ore and receiving your reward. Ponyta gallops back around to hide behind Onix, Salandit hot on its tail.

Maskerade- Confronted with a strange place, a strange person and a strange and angry Elekid, you quickly try to explain yourself. Buster prepares to defend you, but perhaps the young croc would do better to not pick a fight with a Pokemon that has a clear type disadvantage over himself. Thankfully Bomber pulls him back before he does something he regrets, the Elekid snickers at the Totodile as it is pulled back by the Rock type.

"Stand down Elekid", the man quickly shuts the Electric type down. "If these lot meant to harm us then they would have by now. That doesn't mean I believe your story stranger. You'd have me believe you're here because of that old painting? That was given to my wife by her grandmother, been in her family for generations. You must be in here for something, did someone send you in here to steal documents? I wouldn't put it past some of the council members to pull a stunt like that."

The room suddenly grows dark as the sun finally sets. The hairs on your neck begin to stand on end, something felt off. The man looks similarly concerned, there was a strange presence in the air. "My names Daniel anyway, you're not going anywhere until we find my wife. She should be down here on the ground level somewhere, or she'll be up in the archives. We find my wife, she gives the all clear that you haven't taken anything and then you go on your merry way. Should you try to pull a swift one on me, I'll have to report you to the appropriate authorities. Shall we start searching then?"

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