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Blaze’s transformation couldn’t have come at a better time: visibly larger than before, and brimming with awakened power, the Combusken flexes his muscles to a poin where it becomes almost impossible for Houndour to keep a tight grip on his leg. A shower of glistening stars falls upon the enemy, forcing him to relinquish the hold altogether, and in an impressive show of athleticism, Blaze swipes Houndour’s legs out from under him, causing the dog to fall over hard. It does not get back up…

*Blaze has learned EM Crush Claw!*
*Blaze has learned EM Endure!*

Axel, meanwhile, has shifted his attention to the desk’s drawers, using his mental powers to open them – why use muscles at all? – and peering inside with curiosity. What he finds he casually carries across the air and places in front of you with basic telekinesis, but he doesn’t seem particularly selective about what he pulls out, regardless of apparent interest: one by one, items are piled up at your feet, starting with an empty ammo clip, then a rusty screw, a long-stopped wristwatch, a pen… and what seems to be a carefully-opened letter.

*Axel has gained 1 Level!*

The only standing guard falters, on the brink of passing out due to pain, but endures and recalls his fainted Houndour. He picks a second PokeBall from his belt, wincing all the while, and prepares to toss it… until his eyes glaze over and he stops breathing. A bloodied metal blade pierces through the fabric of his uniform, and you realize Hermes has done his job, but he did so with unsettling calmness judging by the snail-paced motion of the edge. He had materialized behind the Shell, then leisurely stabbed him across the back, ever-so-slowly penetrating skin, muscle, lung and heart, before re-emerging through the front of his torso…

*Hermes has gained 1 Level!*

It is then that, with a loud thud, the room’s door is forcibly opened from the outside. Immediately, and with great amount of personal interest, Hermes carries out his assigned task: incomparably faster than before, he removes the blade from the dead guard’s chest and spins 180 degrees, driving the edge horizontally into the abdomen of the invader and almost slicing him in half.

“W-why… M-Molly… I h-helped you… I l-l-lov….”

Blood trickling down his mouth, the red-haired man you met before stares at you with an unsettling, sickly gaze. Anderson’s breathing is shallow, and as his strength fails him, he drops the bloodied knife he was carrying in his right hand and a small piece of paper from his left. Finally, he draws his last breath and passes away with his eyes still open, looking straight at you – in a way, maybe the most pleasant death he could have asked for in his mind.

Blaze picks up the note dropped by Anderson and hands it over to you. There are only three lines of text in shoddy handwriting, the same poor penmanship as the one on the paper strapped to that Rattata from before.

“Cathedral is straight ahead through the main hall. There’s also a passage from the Marquis’s room behind the bookshelf. What you want is behind the pipe organ.”

It dawns on you that Anderson had been the one to point you to the quartermaster’s office. He saw through you in your first encounter outside the Sanctum, but didn’t turn you in then even though he was in Rigel’s presence. In fact, he has been helping you, and no doubt was looking to do the same now, knowing you were trapped in here with two guards.

Things turned into a giant mess, but you can’t say you turned up empty-handed. You know where you need to go, but you remember you are still being blackmailed by the quartermaster, who expects you to return with the code to Cathedral’s secret room. You can look around here some more if there are still any loose ends, but you probably shouldn’t linger…

What now?


Blinky hears you out fine, but actually following your instructions proves troublesome even with Iron Maiden’s help. The Ball is nowhere in sight, and even though the Ferroseed devotedly scours the circular cave, the Chinchou can’t keep up and tumbles to the side, overwhelmed by nausea. It starts emitting a very strange light, quite different from that of an evolving Pokemon…

You don’t immediately notice the events, however, as you shift your focus to the dead man’s belongings. Starting with the papers, you scavenge though the notes with shaky hands and blurry vision, finding them to belong to what must have once been a diary. Some of the scattered writings are perfectly legible, while others have devolved into a bunch of seemingly nonsensical notes and calculations. The man’s mind was in shambles, alright…

”They gave the evac order but fuck them, what do they know? A true miner keeps searching for the big one, the break of a lifetime, and I can feel it nearby!”

“I found it. It’s beautiful… as if Arceus Himself shaped the rock into this heavenly crystal! I must have it…”

“It won’t budge. I can’t get it unstuck. I’m too weak to hold a pickaxe, and my hands are all bloody, but I have to pry it off the wall

“The glow calls to me I want it I need to have it I must”

“Nobody else can have her I’ll make a wall myself I’ll live with her in here forever”

“Ran out of food but I can’t eat anyway I want to vomit but there’s nothing to throw up”

“She’s making me sick but I love her but she is killing me”

“I finally pulled her out and she burned my hands the wall caved in there’s evil behind”

“I put her back with many rocks she is the gatekeeper she can’t leave she will protect me I will protect her”

“5x4 4-3+9 6+4+5 9-3-4 11+6-4+5 14x4/3”

You can’t make any sense of this amalgam of annotations, but it’s clear the mutated man you saw earlier was once a mentally sound miner. Is this the result of prolonged exposure to the light source? Struggling not to fumble the simple task, you then pick up the leather pouch and clumsily turn it over. A single item drops from within – a palm-sized red stone, sculpted to have 20 sides and a small number carved into each face. It’s the same one from the man’s vision…

Meanwhile, Honedge follows his instinct and hovers over to the source of light. It’s a crystal deeply embedded into several tons of rock, violet in colour and emitting a powerful glow. Using its metal body, Honedge buries himself into the stone, attempting to force out the crystal… but as he does, he is suddenly pushed back by an explosion of black energy! Shadows given mass begin seeping out from the cracks on the wall, like a black liquid, and coalesce to form a gigantic mass of darkness. The form it takes is vaguely reminiscent of a Kanto-region Muk, but this one is several times larger than usual and glows in several colours of irradiated goo, a form that should only be found in an archipelago very far away from Bedlam Ridge…

The crystal remains stuck between the boulders, but seems to have come loose a little after Honedge’s attempt. However, it continues to exert its effects, which the living mass of shadows seems completely oblivious to… The radiation is so strong now, that even your metallic companions seem affected at a molecular level...

Radiation Poisoning Lv 3: In addition to previous effects, non-Poison-Type Pokemon’s Attack goes down 1 stage.

What will you do now?!

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