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VGC 2019 - Schedule and Prizes

The VGC 2019 schedule was posted today, and right off the bat you can see some curious shake-ups to the pretty regular calendar we've had since 2013. (Compare against 2018's schedule.)
Same as last year:
Dallas, TX
Collinsville, IL (near St. Louis, MO)
Madison, WI

Changes from last year:
Hartford, CT got pushed back from late September to early May. (+7 months)
Daytona Beach, FL got pushed back from early October to late April. (+6˝ months)
Memphis, TN got kicked up from mid-December to early October. (-2 months)
Portland, OR got kicked up from late March to late October. (-5 months)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada got kicked up from mid-May to mid-March and slightly relocated to nearby Brampton. (-2 months)
Roanoke, VA got kicked up from late May to Thanksgiving Weekend. O_o (-6 months)

Deletions from last year:
Fort Wayne, IN
Richmond, BC, Canada
San Jose, CA
Costa Mesa, CA
Charlotte, NC
Salt Lake City, UT

New additions:
Oaks, PA (pretty darn close to NYC)
Anaheim, CA
Greensboro, NC
Denver, CO
Santa Clara, CA
I feel I should point out that the website does say, "Below you will find the location and dates for most of the Regionals in North America and Europe." But I think the additions and deletions are fairly balanced -- a net loss of one city, Fort Wayne #rip -- so we're probably not going to get more than this.

As for prizes, they've actually held off publishing those for right now. So I guess this will just have to be a placeholder thread until we get that information at a later date. I know that the entry fees for VGC events have become quite the controversy with players advancing arguments on either side, so the prizes are almost certainly going to be determined once TPCi makes a final decision on this year's entry fees.

This is the biggest shakeup I've seen in a long while. Normally I feel like the cities that get added or dropped number only two to three between seasons, not five to six. Furthermore, cities that aren't dropped tended to have soft locks on their dates. Like, Fort Wayne was always early autumn; St. Louis was always mid-winter; Madison was always last of season; and so on. But this time we're seeing a crapton of Musical Chairs taking place. Some people are going to be going 18+ months between their VGC 2018 regional and their VGC 2019 one, while others are going to be whiplashed into re-entering less than six months after their last brouhaha.
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