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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post

There seems to be little alternative: you'll have to fight your way out, or Teleport away if things get out of hand. Either way, your cover has been blown, and minimizing the impact is your top priority - as in, nobody besides these two can know you're a spy. But how will you make sure of that?

Axel dutifully uses his Psychic powers to force the chamber's door shut, finding it much easier than looking for random codes in random locations. Zoey falls back, and Blaze the Pink Torchic enters the fray as your new combatant, ready to stand up to the fearsome Houndour up ahead. Hermes, meanwhile, begrudgingly resumes scanning the room; between his complete lack of disposition to search rather than fight and the vague instructions to "keep looking", however, the living sword seems to wander around mostly aimlessly rather than try his luck in any particular spot. Maybe you should've been a tad more specific, but the battle ahead understandably takes priority!

Images begin to flood your mind as Axel probes the still-standing guard, but it doesn't seem to help: this Shell isn't privy to the code you're looking for, nor the location of the hidden room that the Quartermaster said could be found in the Chapel. Instead, you get images of Rigel appointing him to guard his room, declaring it to be a great honour that he only entrusts to those he respects, and it's as if you can feel the heavy load of disappointment currently overwhelming the struggling grunt, who knows he has let his Marquis down. Proceeding to invade the downed guard's mind, Axel again turns up nothing majorly significant, but you are greeted with an image of Rigel personally showing his quarters to the two guards, insisting they know exactly what they're guarding; the more you learn about the Marquis, the more strangely honest and simple he seems...

"That chest there is where I keep what matters most to me", Rigel's voice rings in your head. "Take a look inside if you want. It may not seem much to you... it's a photo of me and my daughter Madeleine. If nothing else, this chest is what you'll guard with your lives."

"Y-yes Marquis," you then hear the guard say, visibly stunned by the immense letdown that were the chest's contents. "You can count on us.".

After that, Axel can show you nothing more, but even if he could, your attention is diverted to more pressing matters:

Growling maliciously, the hellhound cub glares at Blaze as if it was a meal rather than an opponent. Meanwhile, the brave chick focuses its energy as hard as it can to match up to the bigger foe, thoroughly unafraid. When the dog charges with fangs glistening dangerously, Blaze counters by summoning three copies of itself, which all proceed to jump in the air much to Houndour's confusion.

"G-get them," mutters the guard as he winces in pain, "find out the real one with Odor Sleuth!"

Blaze and its clones begin to descend, homing in on Houndour like feather-covered meteors to deliver a Bounce attack. However, the dog is quick to identify the real one through smell, and as Blaze is about to make contact with its target, Houndour opens its mouth and catches the chick's leg! The illusions disperse and Blaze desperately tries to escape Houndour's grip, to no avail. And then comes the order...

"... Eat it."
There really wasn't much to see, but perhaps Alice would leave the photograph behind after all, take pictures of it with her phone just incase it meant anything. Yes, Rigel had done some shit, but she wasn't going to steal a treasured family photo if there was really nothing to it. As it was, though, the battle had her attention again, and it wasn't going as swimmingly as she'd hoped.

"I don't fucking think so, you arse." She replied, angered at the order. Ruthless fuck. Blaze was distressed, but there was no need. With close proximity, the Houndour had put itself in some severe danger. Even moreso as Blaze grew frantic and angry. Alice had opened her mouth again, only managing to get out her Pokemon's name and one attack order when the little thing began to glow. Oh, goodness--!

Within the canine's maw, Blaze began to glow, one leg extending along with the rest of his body, and with that he must have been heavy for the dog to cling to like that. In fact, Blaze's position had changed so that he was leaning over onto the floor, the light fading away to reveal a vibrantly pink Combusken. Alice was in awe. Even Hermes had taken pause to look, before resuming his bored floating about.

"Wow... Blaze, you're a Combusken now! -- Make that thing pay!" And so he did. Visibly Bulking Up, the Pokemon used his newfound strength and size to unleash a flurry of Swift stars and then aim a hard Low Kick right at the enemy with his free leg. "That's the stuff! Now, Axel, check out those desk drawers! And tell Hermes to sneak up on that grunt from the back and take him out, too!" She added silently. In the back, Hermes phased from sight within seconds, probably glad to get a taste of the action. He'd surely make it count. He'd take out whoever else was dumb enough to try breaking into the room, too, if he had a choice in it.
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