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You call upon the help of your very-pink Abra to join the efforts of the rest of the team. You stay behind issuing instructions, until you join the search yourself, but not seeming to settle for any particular point of interest.

Zoey uses her ultrasound to scan for any hidden compartments, but seems to find nothing of interest, and her blindness doesn’t help in the actual search; as such, she stands by for any trace of incoming people that might surprise you during the raid.

Axel, floating slightly above the ground, keeps his eyes closed to heighten his still-budding Psychic sensibility. He knows he’s supposed to look for some code, but it turns out mental powers are a lot more useful in reading minds and lifting stuff up than tracking down unknown bits of text hidden inside inanimate objects. In that regard, Axel ends up having as much luck as Zoey…

Hermes, however, takes a different approach, yielding very different results: he knows he cannot drag objects along as he phases through solid surfaces, but he can follow your instructions to the letter here: he vanishes inside the iron chest, then rematerializes inside and forcefully priest the lock open; the noise of metal parts cracking and breaking under Hermes’s blade, followed by the loud thud of the entire lock falling off, is far from inconspicuous, but the deed is done!

*Hermes has gained 2 Levels!*

You walk over to the chest, hoping to find either the key to your tiny box Tim or the code that will give you access to that hidden room Sven Larson mentioned. What you do find, however, is a 1x Family Photograph of the Salamence rider you met before – Marquis Rigel von Argentus, of course – next to a small girl no older than ten, both in civilian clothes and smiling, with a sunny countryside background. You briefly hope to find some sort of text scribbled on the back of the picture, but there’s nothing; still, if it was kept so tightly locked away, this photo must be precious to Rigel – is sentimental value all there is to it?

You are almost ready to shift your attention elsewhere when something glimmers inside the chest, tucked away to the side. It’s a small glass vial, filled up to the middle with a strange golden liquid. There’s a small paper tag strapped to the vial’s neck, and it reads “don’t forget: long-time dedication award for Quartermaster Williams”. It seems this 1x Shiny Potion, which is now yours, was meant for someone else - and that the quartermaster might have the wrong impression of Rigel’s opinion of him…

Suddenly, Zoey lets out a small cry of alarm. Busting in through the door, the two guards you met earlier look alarmed, no doubt alerted by the noise of the iron chest being forcefully opened.

“The hell was that ruckus?”

“How long does it take to drop off a crate? H-Hey, what do you think you’re d—“

The man is cut off as he is cut down. Hermes, wasting no time and relishing the opportunity, False Swipes the two men across the torso, only failing to kill them because you explicitly ordered a reverse-blade strike – Himura Kenshin would be proud.

Zoey follows up with a Quick Attack, darting across the air and slamming into the guard on the left, who loses his footing and falls on his back; he does not get back up. She then tries to Hypnotize the other guard with a mystifying dance (lacking the more obvious alternatives of eyes or limbs), but it turns out that is extremely difficult to do on a man who has just been slashed to near-death and is in unbearable pain.

“Y-you… bitch… I’ll e-end you!!”

In a flash of light, a Houndour emerges from a PokeBall haphazardly dropped by the bleeding man. It growls ominously, embers escaping its open jaws.

You’ve been busted! What now?!


As the effects of radiation poisoning begin to set in, you realize it might be time for a team reassessment. After all, Sigurd is your trump card, and you might need him later on. Now, your phalanx consists of Blinky the Chinchou, Iron Maiden the Ferroseed, and Honedge the… Honedge.

Iron Maiden reveals a literally bright side to her, creatively employing a contained Mirror Shot to enhance the effects of Blinky’s natural light, thereby compensating the loss of Sigurd’s Will-o-Wisp embers. You order your team to stand at attention, pre-emptively issuing instructions in case something was lurking in the shadows around the corner. And with that, you decide to muscle onwards toward the light source, if anything to solve the mystery. Hopefully curiosity only kills cats.

You take a turn towards the side tunnel, and an admittedly beautiful violet light bathes you as well as the surrounding area – so much so that visibility here is completely restored even without the need for Blinky and Iron Maiden’s help. You see a large, spacious cave, without a trace of life except for you and your party. However, there is a sleeping bag in miserable state resting on the floor to your right, several small pieces of coal scattered about – no doubt pried off the mine walls – and several old, half-torn pieces of paper all over the sleeping bag. There’s also a small leather pouch resting atop one of the papers, but there seems to be nobody around to claim ownership of it. Could these belong to?...

Blinky suddenly falls over, light-headed and looking very sickly – so much so that it’s as if its very skin is starting to change colour, impossible as though that may be. But your Chinchou isn’t the only one feeling the heightened effects of radiation in this room; you too are starting to feel dizzy, and your stomach feels like it’s about to jump out of your mouth.

Radiation Poisoning Lv 2: You can only order up to two total attacks between all your active Pokémon. The accuracy of your non-Steel-Type Pokémon is reduced by 25%. Your non-Steel and non-Poison-Type Pokémon are now Poisoned. Cannot be cured by items

Honedge seems largely oblivious to the makeshift sleeping quarters you just found, or any of its contents. Its single eye is instead turned to the source of the violet light, coming from the far wall of the cave: a huge pile of rocks rests there, as if part of the cave collapsed, and between the boulders and rubble is a bright object casting the gorgeously-deadly glow.

What will you do?
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