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Medmana- With the Oranguru having conceded and returned your purse, you do your best to talk the ape around. Offering the chance to be part of something more, you hope that the Oranguru can see past its past experiences and embrace a future as part of your team. The Psychic type thinks for a moment, looking around the church at the Pokemon it has gathered under its control.

“I’m sorry, I can’t do that, I don’t think I’m ready to trust again….” The Oranguru picks up the Pokeball that you rolled over to it. “I’ll keep this though, it might be useful and will serve as a reminder that not all trainers are terrible.”

With the Oranguru choosing not to join you, you make your way out of the church with the aid of Berue. With pursue now back in your possession, you can finally purchase some of those donuts from the nice old lady! It was just the sort of treat you could use after what you’d just been through. Elen floats alongside you, the little Inkay looks impressed with himself after holding his own against the mighty Oranguru.

Elen gained 4 levels!

By the time you arrive back at the stall, your body is feeling much better so Berue sets you down. The old woman gives you a smile, “I trust you sorted out the problem then?” You’re about to answer her when you hear a bark behind you, it was that Herdier again! The canine nudges a Pokeball towards you, which you quickly pick up.

“I hope that place on your team is still up for grabs. I have sent all the Pokemon out into the wild, they’ll be happier there and I think after seeing how you cared for your Pokemon, they might just be willing to find trainers again. I’ve still got some issues to work through, but for now I trust you enough to be my trainer.”

You received a lvl 18 Male Oranguru with the ability Telepathy and a Docile nature. It also knows Foul Play and Submission. Your adventure is now complete, you may purchase a maximum of 5 donuts at $200 each. They are the equivalent of a mysterious gummi.

CyberBlastoise- You urge Carmen to action, you had to put a stop to the Litten before it was too late. The Delibird digs into her bag to grab a present, but in that split second the Litten strikes. Its fangs sink into the baby Murkrow's soft flesh, leeching the life from its young body. Carmen tosses her present but its too late, even as it knocks the Litten away, the Murkrow drops lifeless to the floor. The Litten was looking much better now, revitalised from its life stealing technique. You rush at the Litten with a large copper pot, slamming it over the Fire type and trapping it. You stare at the lifeless baby Murkrow, it didn't seem fair that it was robbed of life at such a young age. It was however, the way things went sometimes. The Honchkrow would likely be upset, but it had two other hatchlings to care for so all was not lost. If the Litten was allowed to escape however, the remain Murkrows would likely be its next target.

You suddenly jump to your feet and let go of the pot as it begins to burn your hands. The Litten has proven to be quite crafty, heating up the pot with a stream of Embers to force you to release it. Carmen quickly puts the pressure on it however, hurling another Present at the feisty feline. The Delibird looks enraged by the sight of the dead Murkrow. The Litten leers at the Ice type, if it wanted a fight the Litten was now feeling up to it. Carmen rushes in and strikes the Litten with a Thief but doesn't come up with anything for her troubles. Unfortunately she has now come into the Litten's range and the Fire type presses its type advantage by sinking its flaming fangs into the Delibird's leg. The attack thankfully doesn't result in any burns, but it was now clear that the Litten was going to stand its ground.

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