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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post

While the Sword of Damocles dangles precariously over their heads, the men look at the keycard for a couple of seconds, before a smile comes to their faces.

“Remember when we were grunts? We didn’t even get our names on these cards…”

“Keep hard at work and you’ll eventually get a card with your pretty face on it, just like this one,” says one of them as he shows off his own ID, a Lv 2 Keycard with proper identification, unlike the blank one you just showed. “Go on in, that haul looks heavy this time around.”

“Quartermaster’s getting even lazier lately, sending grunts like her to carry his stuff…”

They unlock the door and step aside. And just like that, you have unrestricted access to Marquis Rigel von Argentus’s private quarters… as long as you don’t take too long inside.

Hermes easily phases through the wall and joins you inside, clearly disappointed he couldn’t feast on human souls just yet. Looking around, you realize combing through the room shouldn’t take too long, because these really are some crappy accommodations for the grand Leader of the Shells…

The room is just as small as the quartermaster’s shop. There is a bed next to the right wall, a probably-locked iron chest at the bed’s feet, a wooden desk with three drawers underneath, and a small bookcase with three shelves on the wall to your left; books on finance and administration on the top one, Goldenridge history books on the middle, and architecture books on the bottom shelf. And that’s it – not a trace of decorations, pictures or anything else to distinguish this room from that of a regular grunt’s.

If you take too long to search for that mysterious code the quartermaster mentioned, the guards outside might get suspicious. Any plans to get this done as quickly as possible?
Alice smiled, too, albeit meekly as the guards reminisced. "Thanks. Hopefully by then I'll have some bigger arm muscles to show for it." She joked, crossing the threshold into the marquis' room. She closed the door behind her, setting down the box with some relief onto the floor. Hermes' revealed himself to her, and although the Pokemon was expressionless aside from his eye, she could tell he would've preferred a sketchier outcome. Well, it was early hours yet, and Alice had enough scares so far that she was certain Hermes would get his time soon enough.

"Okay, guys, listen up." The young woman said quietly after a quick sweep of the room. "Zoey, I want you to listen out for anything going on. And if you can sense anything like that hidden room or whatever, let me know. Hermes, try busting open that chest's lock from the inside, or dragging out whatever's in it if there's anything important or valuable. And let me know if you sense anything important, too."

She released her Abra, making it quick and not showy, the sleepy pink psychic spawning onto the floor. "Axel, sweep the room with your psychic powers. Remember guys, there should be a code or something in here somewhere. And if you find the key to this box, I need it." As quickly as she showed it, Alice shoved it deep into the bag again where it had been before. "Quick, quiet, efficient. And Axel, stay on alert, because we might need you to teleport us out of this mess if shit gets messy. Hermes, you, too. If they open that door on us or whatever, I want them silenced before they can do anything. Your false swipe could help make them weak enough. Zoey, your quick attack and hypnosis would be helpful with that. Just, let's get this done, yes?"

With that, the idol joined in the sweep with her Pokemon, beginning to rifle through things, trying to be speedy but not noisy or leave signs of disturbances in her wake.
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