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"FUCKKKKKK!", Jayson couldn't help but let it slip as Sigurd seared his wound closed. He'd done this a few times now but it didn't get any less painful. He wouldn't lose anymore blood but that didn't mean he was out of the woods yet, well out of the tunnels to be more precise. They were all now experiencing the symptoms of radiation poisoning, apart from Iron Maiden and Honedge who were lucky enough to be shielded by their Steel typing. Sigurd and Blinky were looking worse for wear, he'd recall both of them if he wasn't relying on them for light. Sigurd was the most important of the two, if he went down then they wouldn't be able to Teleport out. Jayson reluctantly recalled the Gallade, they would have to do without his aid for a while.

Their surroundings were darker now, although a violet light was shining from a side tunnel, likely the source of the radiation. Jayson was startled as Iron Maiden rolled in front of Blinky, the Ferroseed's body was starting to glow. For a moment Jayson thought she was evolving, but when her body stayed the same he realised this was something else. Her steel coating was shining so bright it was like a polished Mirror. The light from Blinky's antenna was being reflected by the shiny surface and shot around the tunnel. Jayson gave Iron Maiden a nod in acknowledgement, it was very clever and thoughtful of her.

"Alright guys, let's see what is causing all this radiation before we get too sick to continue." Jayson coughed into his hand. Valka was going to be so pissed at him when he got home.... if he got home..... "Be prepared for anything, Blinky use Soak, Iron Maiden use Thunder Wave and Honedge use Metal Sound at the first sight of resistance. We can't afford to be caught off guard again."

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