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The deed is done. And even though you were just forced to kill, and the sickly sensation that has been nagging you from the onset is getting progressively worse, you decide to manly push forward in your quest to blatantly disobey the Marshals.

So manly in fact, that you decide to cauterize the wound right then and there with fire. Sigurd tilts his head in hesitation, but orders are orders; he psychically guides one of the Will-o-Wisps towards you and gently pushes the embers towards the cut on your manly bicep.

Nearly-unbearable heat spreads through your arm, causing you to let out a scream against your own will, but it gets the job done; you no longer feel the blood trickling down your skin, and at least on that front, you no longer have to worry about growing weaker. However…

Your team presses onward, the tunnel being linear in its progression. The more you walk, the closer you come to the violet line glowing faintly in the distance. And it is precisely that slow, steady approach that makes you feel sicker the longer you keep going – so much so that, after some more minutes of advancing along the path, Sigurd falls to one knee, Blinky briefly loses his footing and you feel an overwhelming need to vomit. After throwing up you feel somewhat better, but you know the problem hasn’t gone away.

Radiation Poisoning Lv 1: You can only order up to three total attacks between all of your active Pokemon. The accuracy of your non-Steel-Type Pokemon is reduced by 20%. Cannot be cured by items.

Composure regained, your Gallade holds out an arm, halting your progress. With his head he motions up ahead – you hadn’t realized it, but you’ve made your way very close to the source of the violet light. It radiates from a side tunnel to your left, a faint glow both inviting and frightening at the same time. The tunnel you’ve been walking along, meanwhile, ends abruptly – for real this time, judging by the very solid-looking wall up ahead, so taking the left turn towards the light, or retreating altogether, seem to be your only option. Sigurd wants to make sure you’re ready before you make either call.
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