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Originally Posted by CyberBlastoise View Post
The Bedlam Quarry
Please reply in Beige

Biggggg5: Climbing back upwards did not appeal to you in the slightest, so you end up trying your chances through the tunnel. The tunnel behind you seems to go deeper into the mine, heading downward for a long spiral, something that Alucard’s echolocation can confirm, if there is an exit that way, it will be for miles. The only other exit appears to be the one on the other side of the resting room. However, as soon as you enter, a monitor inside springs to life. A familiar red R appears on the monitor followed by a staticky image of an elderly man with his pet Sneasel sitting behind a wooden desk made of Mahogany.

The man starts speaking, “Welcome, my latest batch, to the testing facility.” Any answer is futile as this appears to be a prerecorded message. “As you may or may not be aware, you were specifically bred to be the best of the best. Here in our cozy secret lab, we have been breeding the most powerful Pokemon in order to further our goals. I am Doctor Johnson, your supervisor, and father…well surrogate father, or something, I dunno. Anyways, we need to get to testing. To start off with, we need to test your knowledge of the human language. So if you want to survive, take the doorway on the left, and don’t follow the Sneasel’s instructions.”

Then the Sneasel pops up with his own instructions. Alucard understands it as “This is something to test your obedience. Go to the door on the right.” Above the right doorway marks the words “Acid Bath Incinerator 8000. Warning, do not enter!”

The exit doorway however, appears to be on the far far right away from the monitor with the neon red words “EXIT” appearing above it. However, unlike the other doors to the facility, this one is heavily industrily reinforced.

“Now I’m sure you’re eager to see the world above and all that,” Johnson chimes in. “However, you need to know that the only way out is through our series of tests, as the exit door has been tested to keep out even a powerhouse like Machamp. We paid a fortune for it, and I bet you can see that too. I wanted the gold plated one, but budget cuts make things hard. Anyways, you graduate through our tests, however, you’ll be granted the key out and be free to follow your legally obligated destiny.” In fine print on the monitor it reads, “enslaved to Team Rocket and used for further breeding purposes as well as battle.”

“Okay, now that that’s done, please proceed.”

Any attempts to go through the door on the far far right appear to be in vain. He wasn’t lying when he said that the doorway was difficult to get through. So instead you have two choices to make, you can either go through with the tests, or you can try your luck with the Acid Bath Incinerator 8000, or you could try to go deeper into the cave behind you and hope for the best, but as stated before it goes downward for at least a mile. What will you do?

Big follows down one of the tunnels before coming upon several man-made doors along with a monitor. "What is this so deep down he-" He ponders but is cut off when the monitor clicks on and displays its video. He glances at each of the doorways as they come up. "Hmm..." He ponders as Alucard chuckles. "Well, he certainly is a card." The bat pokemon chuckles. Big mostly ignores the comment. "Well, even if this is a Rocket hideout, I'd assume that whatever 'testing' that goes on can't be terribly difficult." Alucard tilts his head. "And you figure that how?" "Well, the Johnson guy said that they were testing those bred to be powerful pokemon." He says. "And that would imply the tests are for strong pokemon, but if these are newly bred pokemon then they can't be terribly hard tests right?" Alucard shrugs. "These are Rockets though. Weren't they dismantled in Kanto by a ten-year-old? They can't be terribly smart." "What's your point?" Big asks. "Well, if you would let me finish, I was getting to that. Rockets aren't smart, and no one has heard of any of them having any super pokemon. So I'm guessing this testing isn't super well put together." Big scratches his chin. "Hmm, well let's give it a shot anyway. It at least sounds better than a super scary acid room of acid." He sighs and heads for the testing rooms. He ponders heading deeper into the caves for a moment but decides that these tests are probably the most fun option.
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