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CyberBlastoise- With the Litten pursuing the wayward hatchling into the manor, you decide it is best to follow them. It was certainly a better option than remaining here to fight the enraged mama Honchkrow. You release another Pokemon to aid you, the oddly coloured Delibird seems rather excited to be called on. It quickly reaches into its bag and starts tossing out presents. The tightly wrapped gifts explodes as they hit the ground, creating a veil of smoke which provides enough cover for you to make a mad dash for the tree. You find an ample amount of footholds as you begin to scale the aged trunk, making it fairly easy for you to reach the branch leading inside the manor. Silver peppers the Honchkrow with Bubbles, not doing a great amount of damage but managing to cover the bird in a thin layer of moisture. This makes it easy for Carmen, the Delibird releases a billowing Frost Breath which strikes the unsuspecting Dark type. The ice quickly spreads around its body, freezing it in a thin cocoon of ice. The Honchkrow falls from the air, crashing to the ground with a solid thud. The ice begins to crack, it wouldn't hold long but it would hold long enough.

Silver gained 2 levels
Carmen gained 1 level

You quickly shimmy across the branch and in through the broken window. Once you get both feet on the ground you quickly recall Silver, while Carmen flutters up and through the window to join you. The only light in the room is that of the Litten's mane, which sparks with embers as the feline Pokemon corners the young Murkrow. You appear to be in a kitchen, old pots and pans line the benches but with the lack of light you can't make out much else. The Litten is about ready to go in for the final strike, the Mukrow's life was about to be over before it had really even started.

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