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Maskerade- Intrigued by the torn painting, you call on the rest of your team to have a look. None of them seem really impressed, why would a ruined painting be of interest to them? Partypoopers aside, you figure that you might as well put the painting back together, at least then they might appreciate its beauty. Grabbing the two torn pieces of canvas, you pull them back towards one another, the glow along the edges intensifies as they get closer. As the two edges meet, you hear the dim ring of bells and a bright flash that quickly envelops the whole room.

Everything starts to spin and warp, you can feel your stomach making its way up into your throat. Your Pokemon cling onto your legs for stability, thankfully they seemed to be experiencing the same phenomenon as you. Eventually the light fades and your surroundings start to steady. The room looked familiar, but it was different than before. The painting still rested on the wall in front of you, however it was now in one piece and there was no sign it had ever been torn. The room was now immaculate, like it had been freshly cleaned. A computer sat on a nearby desk, a tower of documents sat beside it. Orange light filtered in through the window as the sun began to set over the horizon. Your Pokemon are quite confused, none of them are sure what is going on. While you try and work out what happened, you're interrupted as the door flings open behind you.

"Who are you and what are you and these Pokemon doing in my wife's office?!" The man stood at roughly 6 foot, dressed in suit and tie he looked like a proper businessman. His glasses sat sturdy on his face, his brown hair was cut short and clean. You hear a buzzing noise, the source of which becomes obvious as an Elekid steps out from behind him, windmilling its arms as it begins to charge electricity. The Electric type seemed more aggravated than its trainer, but if you weren't quick to reply the man certainly wouldn't stop the Elekid from attacking.

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