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Unwavering, you are determined to keep moving. Moreover, the cut in your arm only serves to incense you towards trampling over the crazed man to get to where you want to be.

The man’s fate has been sealed in your mind, and it materializes in the shape of your Honedge. But before you strike him down, you decide to at least make him useful in death – Sigurd steps forward and mentally probes the man, relaying anything he finds to you via your psychic link. The problem is, his already weakened mind has been jumbled by the previous Confuse Ray, and all you get are disjointed bits and pieces, meaningless images except for one that flashes repeatedly in between all the noise...

Spoiler: show

It seems to be a die of some sort, but made of red stone. Every time the image appears, a new number is up front, but sometimes, the twenty-sided stone is spinning erratically rather than showing any number at all, further confirming the man's crippling confusion. And then, everything turns to black.

Looking ahead, you realize Honedge has made his move, piercing the man’s heart with a single, violent stab. Broken physically and mentally, it might have been in the man’s best interest to put him out of his misery. At the very least, the shouting and moaning have ceased.

The living sword removes itself from the deformed human’s torso, and the lifeless husk falls forward at your feet, dressed in rags and rusty knife still in hand. The nausea gets worse, and you can’t tell whether it’s due to the radiation, the arm wound or the fact that you just killed another human being.

Now what?...
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