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Team Mother?
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Originally Posted by Ironthunder View Post
Witnessing the failed attack by the inexperienced Litten on the nest, and the subsequent revenge of the mother Honchkrow, it was only natural to get involved. The Litten was clearly young and out for its proving hunt, and was now in over its little hot furry head. Silver quickly gets to work having been given its orders, and begins its diversionary assault on the Honchkrow, a Water Gun soaking the devious bird as it went in with another attack on the stricken Litten, causing it to veer to the side and divert the attack, instead diving at the Squirtle with a Wing Attack, thinking it to be (quite rightly) another assailant. Your trusty Squirtle is sent spinning by the hit, before quickly returning to its usual defiant upright gait and unleashing a torrent of Bubbles, many of which strike the Honchkrow, but some slip past the great bird and strike the nest, dislodging one of the baby Murkrow and the Litten who had been using you as a distraction to get its meal. With a panicked squawk, the dislodged baby stumbles away, out through another broken window of the dilapidated shed, with the Litten in hot purrsuit. A screech from the Honchkrow rediverts your attention back to the battle however, as the great bird dives in for a quick Peck, the strike clinking off Silver’s sturdy shell, but next time it might not be in such a protected spot. Out of the corner of your eye, you see the Litten closing in on the cornered Murkrow, who, in a state of blind panic at this point, had managed to flutter up to a tree branch and was backing away down the branch, visibly terrified as it moved further and further from the safety of its mother and its nest, and closer and closer to the archaic manor, into which the branch extended through a broken window near ground level. The Honchkrow looks back to its nest, realising with a growing horror that a chick is missing, and in its flailing search catches sight of the Murkrow moments before it backs into the house, and fades into the gloom, soon followed by the Litten. The mother crow, enraged by this turn of events, does the only thing she can in such a situation: Turn on those who allowed it to happen. Namely, you and Silver. Will you face down the mother bird and quieten her screeches, or will you pursue the fiery hunter and its shadowy prey through the window and into the gloomy manor?

What will you do?
Bill assesses the situation. Either he could go through into the manor like he originally wanted to, granted to chase down the Litten and the Murkrow in the process, or he could face against an angry evolved Pokemon with his currently weakened Squirtle and other unevolved Pokemon. Somehow that decision just made itself. All that was left was to climb the tree and get to the window all the while keeping themselves from getting killed from a really angry Honchkrow. Bill pulled out a Pokeball before yelling, "Carmen, I choose you!"

The pokeball flashed before a coal-colored Delibird arrived on the scene. "Deli!" it was ready to fight, in the name of pilfering treasure everywhere, but still its motivations seem non-consequential to the moment at hand. It gave a menacing smirk towards its opponent, this time a Honchkrow. It was an Ice type versus a Flying type, there was a distinct advantage as far as it was concerned.

"Okay guys we need some teamwork. Carmen, start off with your Present to create a smokescreen. Silver follow it up with a few Bubbles, you don't need to hit it, just distract it long enough for me to get up to the roof, and recall you from there."

Unbeknownst to Bill, Carmen also planned on going into the fray and use its Frost Breath on the Honchkrow too, to rub in the type advantage, and to slow down the giant bird.

Bill got ready to make a beeline for the window. He hoped this plan would work. He took a deep breath and kept his eye on the prize, the broken window near the tree.

Fizzy Bubbles

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