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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post


Determined not to be stopped by whatever is threatening you in the darkness, you decide there is little room for negotiation. Stepping forward in the darkness, you hope for the creature’s sake that it steps aside…

… but it doesn’t.

You feel a sharp pain on your left arm, followed by a strange wet warmth running down towards your hand. You’re bleeding!

Acting swiftly in retaliation, Blinky unleashes a golden wave of light forward. In doing so, yes, it strikes the target… but even more importantly, if only briefly, it shows you who – or what – you’re dealing with.

He stands up like a man, although slightly hunched over and with barely any muscle mass left; his skin is dry and shriveled, with a sickly gray hue. Completely bald, with eyes almost entirely white, he is a nauseating vision. In his hand is a bloodied knife, and despite his deplorable condition and the electricity running though his body, he remains adamantly blocking your path as he moans in pain…

Up next is Sigurd, directing his Will-o-Wisps to illuminate the cave-dweller; able to aim his attack, the Gallade unleashes an iridescent beam that washes over him… and the man’s mind collapses entirely.


Alternating between swinging his knife blindly and failing to do so as his muscles cramp up from paralysis, the man’s sanity is gone. But even in this sorry state, he still blocks your path… What will you do?
"Motherfucker!" Jayson shouted as the wraith of a man stabs him in the shoulder. Recoiling, Jayson makes way for Blinky and Sigurd to launch their attacks. They are somewhat effective, stunning the man enough
that his attacks are slow and lack direction. Now wary of his opponents intention, Jayson wasn't all too concerned about the man landing another blow. Jayson released his Honedge from its Pokeball, he'd try to learn what he could from the sickly man before putting him to rest.

"Sigurd you need to use your Psychic powers to try and read his mind, he might know something of importance to us. The Gallade nodded, he was obviously concerned about Jayson's arm but knew that his trainer had taken worse blows before. "Honedge, whether Sigurd is successful or not, you need to put this man down. Make it swift with an Aerial Ace through the heart." With his plan for the man sorted, Jayson now had to sort out his arm. "Blinky, Iron Maiden, keep well away from the man, the last thing we need is for him to get you as well." Ripping a strip from his shirt, Jayson tied a knot above the wound, hoping to slow the flow of blood. He'd need to patch up the wound as soon as possible, he wasn't sure whether having an open wound would make him more vulnerable to the radiation or not. With the state the 'man' was in, Jayson was indeed starting to get concerned. The last thing he wanted was to end up like him, sickly and crazed, trapped alone in the tunnels......

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