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Crystal Grove.

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: Taking into account the information on hand, and with a lack of counteractions from the Weezing, Ariana stomps forth ready to support the fight in her best interests. As the Garbodor thunders towards the glowing Claydol, Donovan gives his own commands to Hawkeye. "Take note of its weak spots with foresight then strike with leaf blade and cleave those stones."

With the charging Z-move, Ariana drives her trash fist into the chest of the giant with a drain punch that does little to wound the pokemon, but is enough to interrupt the incoming Breakneck Blitz, as the gathered Z-energy once more mostly dissipates...before coalescing into its two arms as it shoves the Garbodor back, just as you take note of your dex to discover what move Claydol is most known for: Hyper Beam.

Without pause, twin rays of devastating energy blast out from the pods on both sides, point blank, into the poison type who is completely helpless as she is engulfed in a white-out situation, her silhouette barely visible in the wave, and you can only cry out for your pokemon. The distraction is enough for the Decidueye to spot flaws and vulnerabilities in the body of his foe, and the owl deftly swoops in as the air fills with dust and debris from the burst of the hyper beam, vanishing into the cloud. The sound of clashing and crunching emanates from the cloud and as you and your team watch the dust settle...

The claydol floats there in evident pain, numerous cracks across the lower half of its body as Hawkeye sheathes a green glow from his wing, while a crater lies before you, and in the middle of it, to your astonishment, stands Ariana, her trash bag cape disintegrated, metal piping glowing hot, the stench of burnt garbage filling the air, yet her body still moves, the great bond you and her share granting her the strength to endure what would have been a decisive, if not lethal, blow. Stunned at the pile of rubbish still standing, the Claydol is left unable to move, allowing the poison type to raise her pipe arm and to open fire with a bullet storm of seeds that pelt the larger opponent, causing it to wave its arms around irritated, before eyes settle upon you once again, and dread fills you.

At this, its remaining gems glow a haunting violet, and before anyone can act it thrusts Z-energy out not at Ariana, but towards you and Meowth. Amanda cries out to you and Meowth, but you hear nothing as the two of you are engulfed in darkness as shadowy arms rise from around you like something out of a horror movie and trap you both within a dome of ghostly energy. While you don't see, Ariana lets loose another barrage of seeds to try and stop the Ghost type Z-move, but her efforts are ultimately in vain.

Within the dome, you and Meowth are subject to scenes out of a nightmare that seem to never end. The ruined city, but as it was hundreds, if not thousands of years ago. People and pokemon working and living in peace, with focus on a Baltoy as it twirled around a child in play. The skies clouding over, as they begin to quiver, people directing others to shelter. A deep chill goes down you and Meowth's spines as holes open in the sky and what appear to be meteorites of some sort rain down upon the city, crushing buildings and extinguishing lives. The Baltoy trying to stop the rain as a deep and callous laugh unlike anything you've ever heard echoes. The city before you lies in ruins, before a great shift in the land sinks it beneath ground level.

The Baltoy and other pokemon survivors over a great deal of time working in vain to retrieve the fallen and rebuild, the grim realisation of what transpired. The Baltoy engulfed in light from pushing itself, evolving into the titan you now face. A sudden passage of time, and other humans of some sort, and then a red haze, until light pours into the dome as it dissipates.

"Keith! Meowth!"

A female voice calls out in distress as you and Meowth take inventory as such and turn to face Amanda, who shows relief that the pair of you are unharmed. Indeed, despite the fact said Z-move should have hurt you physically you feel fine, if a little chilly, but these concerns are pushed to the side as Ariana slowly plods to your side, before collapsing from her injuries, exhausted and unable to battle. The Claydol stares at you once more, eyes still full of hatred, yet at the same time you feel as though you can detect the slightest hint of rational thought within, and the message it seems to convey is a little clearer after what you've seen: end my suffering.

"Keith, Hawkeye's done some damage to it, but looking at things we'll have to hit it with what we have," Donovan gasps, his wound still bothering him, yet in his hand is a slight gleam of something. "We have something that should put it down for good...but I lack a Z-ring...could you lend me yours for just a moment and pin that Claydol down?"

With a request made, time is of the essence as the gems on the Claydol begin to glow an earthy brown, and with Ariana down for the count and Gemini and Mustard showing fatigue, especially in the icy department as the pair fail to produce any cold energy having burned their supplies, how will you deal with the scenario before you?
Keith grinned, for it seemed that his instincts were right on the money- Drain Punch did indeed stop the Normal-type Z-Move from being unleashed. However, the energy lingered in its disembodied arms. Keith had an ominous feeling about this, and hastened to consult his Pokédex.

"Claydol's special attack- Hyper Beam," droned the device, confirming Keith's fears. "An extreme blast of energy that causes major damage, but forces the user to rest immediately following usage."

Keith's mouth fell open in horror just as the Claydol unleashed Hyper Beam. Not a Z-Move, but powerful in its own right. "Ariana! No!!" Keith exclaimed, as his Garbodor was engulfed in the potent blast of energy. Rare was the occasion when a person expresses real and sincere concern over the well-being of a pile of garbage, but this was one of those occasions here and now. The few seconds of Hyper Beam's duration were the longest hours of Keith's life, as he could do nothing but stand in place and fear for his Garbodor's life. Images flashed before his eyes- hugging a small, shy Trubbish for the first time; aforementioned Trubbish picking a flower and offering it to Keith, only to see that it had withered in her garbagey grip; Ariana evolving into Garbodor to defend Keith against Rocket Executive Jet; Ariana emerging from her ball just back there against the Black Scarab to defend her Trainer once more; and many other moments such as this. And finally, the attack ended... the dust settled...

...and there stood Ariana- unsteady, weakened, but unmistakably alive and conscious! Keith gave a sound that seemed somewhere between a relieved sob and a relieved laugh. "Ahaha! Ariana! Yes!!" he cheered. "You're OK!"

Arina looked back at Keith and grinned. "Gar," she responded, weakly but happily. Yeah, she was OK. By all rights, that Hyper Beam should have ended her. But as Ariana heard her Trainer call out to her, fearful for her life, it was a striking reminder of just how closely the two were bonded. A reminder of all the Garbodor had to live for. A reminder that while she didn't know when her time would be, it sure as shit wasn't now! Naught but pure stubbornness, stubbornness and love, was keeping Ariana conscious at this point, and she would continue to fight on, even if she only had one move left in her for this fight.

Keith grinned back. "You got this, Ariana," he stated. "Now use Bullet Seed!"

"Gaaaar... bodor bodor bodor bodor bodor!" Ariana exclaimed, firing off seeds from her pipelike arm, as though from a machine gun. However, although the move greatly irritated Claydol, it didn't stop it from making another move. This time, it was aiming right at Keith and Meowth, and its Z-Crystals were glowing a ghostly purple. Ariana hastily fired off another Bullet Seed, but failed to make Claydol flinch.

Keith had expected unendurable pain. Perhaps even the sweet release of death before he had time to even feel pain. But he wasn't sure this was either of those. Instead, he was seeing things, him and Meowth both. Scenes from the distant past. The city as it once was. A Baltoy twirling around a playing child. Clouds forming in the sky. People running for shelter. Meteorites raining down on the city. Baltoy trying to stop the meteors. A deep, harsh laugh, its source unknown. The city sinking below the ground. The ongoing efforts to rebuild the city, retrieve the fallen. Baltoy pushing itself, eventually evolving...

...into this very Claydol, Keith realized suddenly. And just then, he heard a female voice calling out in distress as the Z-Move faded away. Keith blinked- it was Amanda. Relieved that Keith and Meowth were unharmed. And indeed, they were! Keith and Meowth exchanged looks, both of surprise that they were completely unharmed (less so on Meowth's part, as he would've been immune to the Ghost-type damage anyway), and of understanding, of the significance of what Claydol had shown them.

At this moment, Ariana arrived at Keith's side, collapsing from exhaustion at last. Keith took out the Cherish Ball and held it out. "Come back now, Ariana," he said, withdrawing the Poison-type. Once the scarlet sphere was occupied once more, Keith smiled at it. "I'm proud of you," he murmured. "You rest now- we got it from here."

And then Keith looked at Claydol. The eyes still burned with hatred, but Keith realized- now there was something more in there. Rational thought, perhaps, if only the tiniest trace? Keith understood what the Claydol was trying to convey- a plea. A plea to end its suffering. He met the gaze unflinchingly, giving a single nod to show he understood. I'm sorry, Claydol, Keith thought, unsure as to whether Claydol would be able to telepathically pick up on his thoughts, but willing to give it a shot regardless. Sorry for what's been done to you, for all that you went through, for what you've become... I wish I could help in some other way, a way that would let you live a happier life... but if it is what must be done, then I will end your suffering.

Donovan, between gasps from the pain of his wound, made a request of Keith. He was sure he had what it took to end Claydol once and for all, but he needed a Z-Ring, and of course he didn't have one of his own. He needed to borrow Keith's Z-Ring. That gleam in his hand- Keith suddenly realized, it must be a Z-Crystal of some sort. Something that could take down this thing once and for all. Something Hawkeye could use, most likely. Both of his types were super effective against a Claydol- were they about to go for Bloom Doom, or perhaps Never-Ending Nightmare? Or something else altogether? In any case, Keith saw this as the best option. He removed the Z-Ring from his wrist, pocketing his Icium Z in the process, and handed it over to Donovan.

"Ya sure about dat?" Meowth asked Keith.

"Yeah, look at Gemini," Keith responded, gesturing to his Weezing. "They don't got another Blizzard in them anymore, much less the makings of another Subzero Slammer. Besides, we gotta stop it from- from doing exactly that," he sighed, seeing that the crystals were glowing once more. "OK, brown, brown... gotta be a Ground move," he stated. Of course it'd be a Ground-type Z-Move, he complained internally, considering Blizzard was his Weezing's only super effective option there. But then, Keith reminded himself, his Weezing wasn't his only option. Keith's head turned sharply towards the Meowth on his shoulder. "You're up, Meowth," Keith grinned, confidence renewed. "Give it a Water Pulse and make it a good one!"

Meowth grinned back. "When is dey anyting less den good?" he responded, before springing off of Keith's shoulder, ready to launch the Water move and disrupt Claydol's latest attack. And if he could land on his Weezing teammate, all the better- Gemini's Levitate could then protect them both from whatever Claydol's Z-Move would fizzle out into.

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