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(OOC: lol jokes on you, I had no intention of doing anything else nasty!)

Elen charges in and strikes again with another Superpower, offering a rebuttal to the enraged Oranguru. The simian lets out a snort, not overly impressed by Elen's reply and the strengthened hit.

"All Pokemon that follow the commands of a human are traitors! Most of us once belonged to trainers, trainers that mistreated us or didn't appreciate us. Charles deserted me once he realised I'm not as smart as most of my kind. Sure I'm still smarter than most, but that wasn't good enough for him!

The Oranguru began to glow in a dark aura, that seemed to grow stronger due to Elen's presence. It turns its back on the Inkay, causing him to drop his guard for a moment. The moment is all the Oranguru needs, he quickly turns and smashes a fist into Elen in an act of Foul Play. The Inkay groans, he hadn't expected the attack or the strength behind it. Looking to deal a nasty blow of his own he circles around the snarling Oranguru before dashing in to strike. His dark as night tentacles slash against the burns on the Oranguru's back, dealing a critical hit to the already hurting ape.

The normal type is visibly hurt, its massive chest heaved as it tried to recover. Rearing back on its hind legs, the Oranguru begins to beat its chest as it Psychs itself Up. Its Attack and Defence increase significantly, making it all the more threatening. To make matters worse it quickly reaches out and grabs hold of Elen. With a mighty throw it suplexes the smaller Psychic type, forcing Elen into Submission.

"You don't understand what it feels like to be abandoned", the Oranguru shouts but this was less rage than it was emotion. "Trainers like you don't care about Pokemon like us!"
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