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Medmana- You could feel the life literally being squeezed out of your body. Your life was in the hands of the Oranguru and there was no sign of the giant ape stopping. It wanted you dead and as far as it knew there was nothing you could do to stop it. The other Pokemon screamed and screeched in delight, they seemed as bloody thirsty as their master.

Elen was your only hope now and the little squid wasn't about to let anything happen to you. Sure, he was a Dark type but that didn't mean he was going to let his trainer die. You'd taken care of him for quite a long time, you shared a bond and that was all that really mattered. A fire grew within the Inkay, erupting in the form of a Flamethrower which washes over the Oranguru's back. The great white ape cries out in pain as a burn develops on its back. The crowd of Pokemon go silent as you drop to the floor, Elen seems to have broken the Oranguru's concentration. You gasp for air, another few seconds and you likely wouldn't have been breathing again. Elen follows up her first attack with a Super powered strike, smashing the Oranguru off its thrown. He experiences an increase in attack and defense but it appears his invisibility has warn off as the Inkay comes into full view.

Climbing back to its feet, the Oranguru beats on its chest. Its gang of Pokemon look ready to attack Elen but the Oranguru settles them with a wave of its fan.

"It was you who brought this human into our home. You will pay for your betrayal! The Oranguru seems to shout telepathically, it was even angrier than before. "You puny Pokemon, you think you can stand against me? Do your best. The Oranguru taunts Elen, hoping he'll continue to attack.

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