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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post

Hermes is obviously conflicted by the given task. His loyalty notwithstanding, carrying a cardboard box is still a very un-epic thing to ask of a living sword. Still, he ultimately agrees to it, and off you go up the stairs and towards Rigel’s quarters.

The upper floor looks exactly the same as the one below, long and lifeless stone walls, cold and unadorned, punctuated by wooden doors marking the entrance to each of the small rooms that used to serve as monk residences. As you follow the quartermaster’s instructions, you’re surprised to find they lead you to one of these unremarkable doors, guarded by two Shell soldiers. You might have expected Rigel to have chosen more sumptuous lodgings, but it seems he has settled for one of the smaller quarters, making no distinction between himself and the other Shells. That might, in a way, be revealing of the Marquis’s character…

Clumsily making your way towards the room with the heavy box in your hands, you approach the two guardsmen with as much confidence as you can pretend to have. You’ve already blown your cover once, best not try your luck a second time…

“Where do you think you’re going, grunt?” The question was delivered in a mocking tone, the guard clearly amused at the sight of a young girl carrying way too much weight to look respectable.

“If you’re here to see the Marquis, he’s away at the moment,” says the second man, visibly not as amused. “If that’s a delivery for him, I’m gonna need to see an ID first. You know, the standard procedure.”
Alice tried not to cringe. Of course, everything was standard fucking procedure around here. How often did the Marshalls send people to get murdered that they felt the need to ask for ID everywhere? And the Ribs probably had a hand in this policy too, naturally. "Yes, it's direct from the Quartermaster." She said, setting it down with a grunt. The young woman reached into her pocket. All she had with her was the stolen key card, and she hoped to hell that it functioned as ID. On top of that, if it did, she hoped it didn't immediately show to be stolen, because by the way people talked about the old man, he'd been revelled before he'd been reviled. It would surely stand out if a grunt was carrying an admin's key card.

"Of course, I'm sorry. Here you are." She offered, exhaling with an awkward smile. It was nerves, but Alice just played it off as if carrying the goods had taken the energy out of her. Hermes was lurking above the grunts, closer to the ceiling with his single, sinister eye set upon the pair. If things went wrong, the monster wasn't going to wait before jumping the duo with Shadow Sneak. When Alice had come to the Hatchery for him, he had already cursed the place, practically possessing one of the staff after taking his soul... And he had done it openly, like a show for his 'master'.

Honestly? Now that the woman feared him enough to keep him cooped up in his ball on most occasions, he was eager to play again, and Alice had to know it. If this went as swimmingly as she was desperate for, of course, he'd just phase through and follow her into the room. This wasn't going to stay clean for long, after all. He'd waited a while for this chance, the bouncing baby spirit could wait a little longer to satiate his hunger.
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