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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post

You decide to "take a controlled approach" with Focus Blasts and Gyro Balls to the wall, while Blinky is tasked with Soaking the rubble. Well, the reasoning is solid, and fotunately the rock not so much - Sigurd brings his hands to the side of his body, channels energy into a vibrant blue orb and hurls it at the wall, resulting in a violent explosion that causes the entire tunnel to shake ominously; afterwards, Iron Maiden spins and crashes into the cracked stone, and just like that, the thin barrier crumbles into rubble. As it does, the ceiling above you shakes a second time, but fortunately it doesn't result in a cave-in...

It is strange though. As you assumed, the path ahead continues, but the obstacle was considerably less sturdy than you might have expected. It's as if someone put up the wall more as a deterrent than an actual roadblock, and now that it's been removed, nothing prevents you from continuing down the tunnel. However...

Sigurd points ahead, calling your attention to something at the far end of the path: the tunnel runs in a straight line, it seems, but there is an almost imperceptible glow in the distance, violet in hue. Also, the nauseating feeling that's been nagging at you up until this point intensifies, and it's clear that only Iron Maiden seems unaffected...

Before you can proceed, however, you hear a strange scuttling sound up ahead, beyond the light Sigurd and Blinky can provide. And then, that voice...

"Turn back... for your own sake... or I will have to make you..."

Bone-chilling, raspy, dry as sandpaper and strained as if coming from a being in pain, it is by far the strangest voice you've ever heard uttering human words. Try as you might, you can spot nothing in the darkness, but it's clear you aren't alone...

What will you do?

The wall crumbled with much less effort than Jayson had anticipated. Thankfully they avoided starting a cave in, but Jayson was concerned that they may have alerted the Marshals to their presence inside the tunnels. They needed to be sure they couldn’t be ambushed from behind, luckily Iron Maiden had a technique perfect for such a situation.

“Iron Maiden”, Jayson spoke softly, “lay some Stealth Rocks behind us so that those Marshals can’t try and sneak up behind us without us knowing.” The Ferroseed let out a happy screech, she didn’t seem to be feeling the effects of the radiation at all, while Jayson, Sigurd and Blinky were experiencing strengthening symptoms. The obvious reason was due to Iron Maiden being a steel type. Steel was immune to Poison, so it was likely that radiation had similar characteristics to the Poison type. Jayson would keep that in mind, if things got too rough for Sigurd and Blinky we would have to switch them out for Pokemon more suited to the conditions.

Soon after the wall fell they were issued a warning from a strange voice. It was like nothing Jayson had ever heard, he couldn’t tell whether it was a human talking or perhaps some kind of Pokemon. The warning could easily be construed as a threat, Jayson wasn’t having any of it though.

“Thanks for the warning but I’ll do what I want, so kindly get out of our way or make yourself useful.” Jayson started to walk forward. “Sigurd, Blinky, if whatever it is tries to stop us, take it down with a Confuse Ray and Thunder Wave respectively.”

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