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The man's stern expression turns into a terrifying scowl the second you mention you have a Pokemon that needs healing. He leans over the counter like a tower come to life, and glares at you.

"A fucking Pidgey? You came here to ask me to heal a bird?!" he spits each word with profound disdain. "Take a look around, Trainer. These people can't even stand on their own, and you want me to waste time and resources on a half-dead pigeon that could have been used to feed them?"

He slams his massive fists on the counter, then stops and takes three deep breaths before continuing in a noticeably less-angry tone.

"I'm sorry. I... life's hard these days. Not your fault, outsider." He suddenly plucks the Pokeball from your hand and twirls it in his fingers. "I used to train too, some ten years back. It's a luxury nobody in Shanty Heights can afford anymore. But this is still a Pokemon Center, you couldn't have known otherwise. Let me dust off the old machine..."

Looking defeated, like a man bearing the weight of the world on his houlders, the nurse turns around and slides his apron across the control panel of the large device behind him. It suddenly beeps and comes to life, causing some of the still-conscious patients to look in your direction.

"Still works... they knew how to build these things," the man mutters under his breath, clearly nostalgic. "Here we go..."

The familiar sound comes up as light envelops the PokeBall in its pod. Dun, dun, dun-dun-dun!

When the process is over, the nurse turns back around and places Orpheus's Ball on the counter. You can see he tries his best to smile, if only to make up for the previosu outburst, but it's the single most forced grin you've ever seen in your life.

"Thank you for waiting. We've restored your Pokémon to full health. We hope to see you again!" he says, suddenly out of character. "That's... how they used to say it, right? Look, people are gonna stare at you funny if they realize what you did. You don't go around capturing perfectly good food these days. So if anyone asks, tell them... tell them you're a Ranger and you just barely returned from a run-in with the Blanket, ok?"

The large man, now much calmer, prepares to resume his duties of tending to the wounded. What will you do now?


You decide to "take a controlled approach" with Focus Blasts and Gyro Balls to the wall, while Blinky is tasked with Soaking the rubble. Well, the reasoning is solid, and fotunately the rock not so much - Sigurd brings his hands to the side of his body, channels energy into a vibrant blue orb and hurls it at the wall, resulting in a violent explosion that causes the entire tunnel to shake ominously; afterwards, Iron Maiden spins and crashes into the cracked stone, and just like that, the thin barrier crumbles into rubble. As it does, the ceiling above you shakes a second time, but fortunately it doesn't result in a cave-in...

It is strange though. As you assumed, the path ahead continues, but the obstacle was considerably less sturdy than you might have expected. It's as if someone put up the wall more as a deterrent than an actual roadblock, and now that it's been removed, nothing prevents you from continuing down the tunnel. However...

Sigurd points ahead, calling your attention to something at the far end of the path: the tunnel runs in a straight line, it seems, but there is an almost imperceptible glow in the distance, violet in hue. Also, the nauseating feeling that's been nagging at you up until this point intensifies, and it's clear that only Iron Maiden seems unaffected...

Before you can proceed, however, you hear a strange scuttling sound up ahead, beyond the light Sigurd and Blinky can provide. And then, that voice...

"Turn back... for your own sake... or I will have to make you..."

Bone-chilling, raspy, dry as sandpaper and strained as if coming from a being in pain, it is by far the strangest voice you've ever heard uttering human words. Try as you might, you can spot nothing in the darkness, but it's clear you aren't alone...

What will you do?

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