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The journey into the mine is made somewhat easier by your Pokemon’s ability to illuminate the tunnels; at first, Blinky’s natural light proves sufficient, but after a while of exploring (with no results of note, as if the mine has already been plundered dry), it falls on Sigurd to provide extra light with several flickering Will-o-Wisps, each a tiny blue lamp floating about and showing you where to go.

*Sigurd has gained 1 Level!*

The expression “a maze of tunnels” is more than hearsay, you soon realize. Indeed, turn after turn, you have no idea where you are anymore; ultimately it may not be an issue thanks to Sigurd’s ability to Teleport back out, but it does make a thorough exploration of this mine considerably harder. What you can tell is that, much like what happened on the outside, the tunnel walls here seem to have been mined dry of any precious ore, thanks to years of territorial dispute between Marshals, Ribs and Shells who have steadily cleaned out the area of anything worthwhile.

Sigurd suddenly motions for you to stop and brings your attention to a sudden change in the tunnel up ahead. You see it too; you’ve been following the mine’s carved paths, and after the last bisection, you now find yourself in what seems to be a dead end: the tunnel ends abruptly in a solid rock wall, but something is off…

The rails.

Every path you’ve chosen so far has had mining cart rails put in place, which makes sense. Interestingly, though, this tunnel is no exception even though it seems to lead nowhere; more interestingly even is that the rails appear to continue into the wall, as if the tunnel was supposed to continue, yet doesn’t…

Sigurd, ever methodical, lays out your options: you can turn back and choose another path, or you can attempt to break through by force and continue down this path, assuming there is one as the rails seem to imply. Blasting your way through, however, might be a risky endeavour considering where you are – it doesn’t take a psychic Pokemon to tell you the risks of blowing stuff up inside a mining tunnel.

What will your answer to Sigurd be?
Things only got stranger as they continued to search. Sigurd's combination thankfully worked, illuminating their way through the tunnels. Unfortunately it really didn't make it any easier to navigate through the literal maze of tunnels. There was no way they were finding their way back out, Sigurd's teleportation was the only way they were going to avoid being trapped down here for eternity. Follow the old mine cart tracks, the party soon found themselves at a dead end, except Jayson and Sigurd weren't exactly sold on it being a dead end. The tracks continued into the wall, meaning that this was either some sort of illusion or false wall that had been put in place to conceal the part ahead. They were getting close to something.

"We take a controlled approach, break through the wall bit by bit instead of going hell for leather." Jayson reassured the Gallade that they wouldn't be putting themselves at any greater risk than they already were. "Blinky I need you to Soak the wall in between strikes, hopefully that will help weaken it. Try to target the middle of the wall. Sigurd and Iron Maiden, you're going to alternate. Sigurd use Focus Blasts, get in close and take your time to aim. Iron Maiden, full force Gyro Balls, aim lower to break apart the lower portion of the wall. While they could have gone for a more forceful approach, Jayson was sure a bit of patience now would be worth it in the long run. While things were getting curious, part of Jayson was still hoping for conflict, for another opportunity to sate his darker desires.

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