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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post

Despite the lockdown in place, you can’t exactly say the Marshals seem all that concerned. In fact, they seem bored out of their minds more than anything. And that being the case, they probably wouldn’t really mind if a single citizen slipped under their radar.

Blinky seems to enjoy your plan and the chance to let loose a bit. Once the officer turns his back to join the other Marshals, the Chinchou charges his antennae and unleashes a powerful burst of electricity; this time around, to make things even better, he doesn’t have to be too concerned with accuracy, and the electrical orb flies through the air before crashing into the side of the mountain ahead, creating a large explosion that causes the entire platoon to turn to the source of the noise, alarmed.

As the opportunity presents itself, the knightly Sigurd’s eyes glow blue and, in a split second, the entire scenario around you shifts. Sure enough, you are now inside the mining area: the walls up ahead have been mined dry, leaving behind nothing but boring, worthless rock, but the mine extends into the mountain’s center as if a massive Steelix had pierced through it. And, obviously, that’s where you want to go!

You enter the maze if tunnels with Blinky and Sigurd rignt behind, but as soon as you step inside, something feels… wrong. Nothing overwhelming, but for some reason, you begin to feel ever-so-slightly nauseous. Your partners seem to feel it too, but it’s nothing that will prevent you from going in deeper if you want.

The bigger problem, however, is the lack of light up ahead. The mine extends into the mountain, but downwards into the depths of the earth, and that means visibility will be minimal, if non-existent, very very soon.

What’s your plan?
The distraction had worked a treat and the team of four now found themselves inside the mine. A nauseous feeling immediately hits them all, perhaps the Marshals weren't kidding about the radioactivity after all? There was always the possibility that it was just a side effect of the teleportation, but Jayson was sure there was more to it than that. They had to get a move on before the Marshals decided to check inside, they likely wouldn't appreciate being tricked. The issue was that the tunnel was getting really dark, even the light emitted by Blinky's antenna weren't enough to illuminate their surroundings.

Jayson pondered for a moment, before coming up with a plan that might just work. "Iron Maiden and Blinky, just relax for a moment while Sigurd gives us a little more light to work with. Sigurd I want you to form some Will-O-Wisps and control them with Psychic to illuminate the path ahead of us." Jayson had seen a similar technique of Will-O-Wisp manipulation used by a Gym Leader in the Sinnoh region. He figured if Blinky could light up the area close to them, and Sigurd could light up the path ahead, visibility wouldn't be an issue.

"I'm not sure about this Jayson", Sigurd was showing concern. Jayson trusted the Gallade's gut, but they'd already gone to the effort of getting in here, they might as well have a look around.

"It's okay Sigurd, we'll search a little further and if things get worse you can always Teleport us back out." Jayson reassured the Psychic type, hoping that he wasn't putting his Pokemon at too great a risk.

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