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King Ghidorah- Dashing to the aid of both the old man and the Salandit, you quickly release two Pokemon to help you diffuse the situation. The first is an Onix, the towering rock snake would be well suited to the environment and held a distinct type advantage over the Fire and Poison typed Salandit. The second was a Ponyta, who would have no issue dealing with the fire spewed by the reptiles, but that wasn’t her true purpose. You were well informed when it came to Salandits, having read about them and their behaviour. The males were more common than the females, who made use of their pheromones to control the males. If you could isolate a female from the pack, then perhaps you could end this conflict quickly.

Your Ponyta is quick to follow orders, putting on a captivating display to draw the attention of all the Male Salandits present. What you didn’t expect however, is all the Salandit to be drawn to the beautiful spectacle. They all stop what they’re doing and rush towards your flaming pony, pushing each other out of the way as they try to get to her first. Onix looks at you with concern, unsure of what to do now that your plan has fallen through. She smacks the Salandits away as they try to get at Ponyta, poison drooling out of their mouths as they continue with desperation. After a few hits, three of the Salandit seem to snap out of their captivation and rush back towards the wheelbarrow full of ore.

The old man tries to get in their way, but the Salandit seem more urgent now and dart swiftly past him. It’s a team effort but the three reptilian robbers take off with the wheelbarrow, hastily pushing it further into the mine. “Arceus darn it!” Shouts the old timer as Onix continues to swat away at the remain four Male Salandit, you would have to deal with them before pursuing the others.

Maskerade- Your full of terrible puns as you entire the Bastion. Your Pokemon follow reluctantly, more afraid of suffering through your terrible sense of humour than the possibility of falling victim to the mysterious entity that now resided within these halls. Having been looking for the Marshal HQ, you were almost certain this wasn’t it, but looks could be deceiving. For all you knew they had picked this place for the precise reason that no one would suspect it to be their base.

As soon as you get inside however, its clear that you aren’t in the right place. There was no sign that the Marshals had been here, for a matter of fact, it was clear that no one had been here in quite some time. The lobby was in complete tatters. Paint was peeling off the walls and there was a musky, mouldy smell in the air. Almost all the furniture was torn or broken, and paper littered the floor. You make a quick sweep of the adjacent rooms, only to find them all as deserted as the main lobby. You come to the final room on the first floor. Its only a small room, likely someone’s old office. The only interesting feature of the room is a large painting in an ornate wooden frame. A gold plaque on the bottom of the frame reads “Celebi’s Gift”. The painting itself seems to have been slashed from the top right corner to the bottom left. From what you can see the painting is quite beautiful or at least it used to be. As you draw closer, you notice the cut edges begin to glow faintly, as if they wish to be reunited. You feel a compelling force to put the painting back together, but was it wise to meddle with something so strange?
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