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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
Crystal Grove.

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: With a heartfelt capture behind you, and a destructive adversary before you, you place faith in Gemini and Mustard again to wage battle with the giant Claydol once more, this time with no retreat. Hawkeye stands beside the Weezing as Donovan nods. "Hold on one sec..." he hisses as he produces a super potion and sprays the poison pokemon with it, most of the injuries from the Black Scarab fading and leaving the pair more than ready to fight. "We got your back, Keith..."

With a hum, the crystals on the Claydol once again take on a glow, this time more of a pink hue, a cotton candy sort of hue, to which the Decidueye responds by flapping broad wings numerous times, creating a tailwind behind the Weezing and himself that lightens their bodies and allows their movements to be swift. A welcome response as far as Gemini and Mustard are concerned, giving their toxic projectile much more velocity as it slaps the Claydol right in the eye and seeps in. The giant gives a frustrated hum, when something unusual happens.

As the poison hits, some of the gems studded within the body lose their glow, and instead of a terrifying Z-Move, the Claydol instead releases a dazzling gleam of fey light that the poison pokemon shrugs off, while Hawkeye is forced to close his, well, hawk eyes, more vulnerable. "What the..." the bird's trainer mutters.

"It s-stopped the move?" Amanda replies rhetorically, the woman's hand to chin. "That would have been a fairy Z-move, but..." she muses, going into deeper thought. Frustrated at the noxious stunt, the Claydol is clean open to the much faster pokemon's follow up as Mustard spits a shadow ball at the psychic pokemon, smacking it clean in the chest. This time, the Claydol definitely feels that blow, knocked back a couple of feet as it goes from hateful to outright vengeful. "Hawkeye, aim steady..." the order is called as the grass pokemon shakes his head and begins to focus intensely, as though trying to keep a laser sight upon the Claydol as it glows a familiar green, an impeding bloom doom. With the wind behind them though, your starter(s) are ready to continue the assault as a blizzard erupts from their pores and the frosty blast chills the Claydol to the core.

Once again, the glow on some of the gems dissipates and the Z-Move is interrupted, and instead the Claydol's many eyes glow before its arms release a pair of brutal beams of solar energy all around it in a destructive arc, searing buildings and the ground, as the Marshals continue the evacuation now there's more of an opening. Gemini and Mustard once more withstand the assault while Hawkeye deftly leaps over the ray, nocks an arrow and lets it loose. The arrow flits around the colossus, spiritual energy shackling the doll before suddenly arcing into the back, striking into a cluster of crystals and exploding, critically knocking the pokemon to the ground as it gives a menacing hum. It is then you notice the cracks in the body and an absence of crystals.

"I think I have an idea!" Amanda calls suddenly, taking you and Donovan in mild surprise (and Meowth in much more surprise given the height the feline leaps) "I-it's a hunch, but if those Z-moves are interrupted by a super effective move..."

"...then that reduces the move to a normal one, and leaves it open..."

"...and those crystals can b-b-be they're not real."

Donovan blinks a couple of times in disbelief, before adjusting his hat. "Then some - ah! - something or someone made it like that...those stones have to go. Keith, you need to keep it shut down offensively, Hawkeye can snipe those stones." The plan is posited as the gems begin to glow pure white, another Z-move incoming...
Before the battle got underway, Donovan made a much-appreciated contribution by spraying Gemini and Mustard with a Super Potion, helping to heal up most of what the Black Scarab did to it. "Thanks," Keith grinned appreciatively, just before the battle got underway. Claydol was preparing another Z-Move, and judging by the color of the glow, it seemed to be a Fairy-type move. Keith gritted his teeth, prepared for the worst...

...only for Gemini and Mustard to get hit by a relatively piddly Dazzling Gleam. The Weezing shrugged off the resisted hit with ease, both heads exchanging looks of surprise- hadn't Keith just said that all this thing used was Z-Moves?

Keith was similarly surprised by this, and judging by their words, so were Donovan and Amanda. But the Weezing didn't allow this to screw with the battle plan, and so they fired off a Shadow Ball that seemed to further infuriate the Ground/Psychic-type. This was followed up by a Blizzard that interrupted the impending Bloom Doom, causing Claydol to instead unleash a still-destructive Solar Beam. Moreover, Hawkeye was able to pull off a perfect Spirit Shackle, which landed as a critical hit thanks to Laser Focus, and seemed to destroy some of the crystals in the Claydol's body. "What the..." Keith murmured.

Amanda then startled them all (Meowth in particular), stating that she had a theory about this Claydol, and Donovan seemed to be following along with it pretty well- the Z-Crystals on Claydol's body, while obviously sufficient to get the job done, were still not the real deal. They could be shattered. And the Z-Moves could be interrupted with moves that had the type advantage over the intended Z-Move, causing Claydol to instead use the base move. And it didn't even need to be an attacking move- Toxic was sufficient to downgrade Twinkle Tackle to Dazzling Gleam, while of course Blizzard knocked Bloom Doom down a peg or two, down to the base move of Solar Beam.

Keith grinned as Donovan requested that he keep Claydol shut down on the offensive side of things. "Can do," he replied, adjusting the brim of his Mega Hat. He turned back to Claydol, and saw another glow. Another Z-Move incoming. And the glow was pure white... the Normal-type Z-Move? Keith gritted his teeth- Normal only had one weakness, and Gemini and Mustard didn't know any Fighting attacks!

"Gar!" exclaimed Ariana. Keith blinked, grinning at his Garbodor whose sharp cry had caught his attention. "Garbodor gar!" she said with a confident grin.

Keith grinned back. "Go for it, then, Ariana," he said. "Stop that Z-Move with your Drain Punch, then follow up with back-to-back Bullet Seeds!" Fighting beats Normal, so the Drain Punch was sure to stop the Z-Move. It might not stop the base move, but with any luck, those Bullet Seeds might just afford Hawkeye even more opportunities to strike down those fake Z-Crystals.

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