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The quartermaster’s grin widens once you accept his proposal.

“We’re not saints here. The Marquis may be a brilliant man, but he’s still a man. He expects us to have the balls to fight for a position, so I’m not too worried about confronting him. You should be, though,” he adds with a dry chuckle. “As for the Bastion, that’s a problem for the Marshals that sent you to piece together; have fun with that.”

He makes it clear he isn’t here to help you. Your agreement only goes as far as you not being caught, and him being promoted; other than that, you’re still a Marshal and he’s still a Shell.

“Listen up kiddie. I send the Marquis 80% of whatever the grunts pillage and bring to me in return for payment – the “proof” I told you about, anything they retrieve from their missions that we can use. So you take that box over there and deliver it to the Marquis’s room – tell them you came from me and I’ll vouch for you.” He points with his head to a rather large, heavy-looking cardboard box leaning against a nearby wall. “You’ll find a flight of stairs next to this room; go to the upper floor; it’ll be the third door to your right.”

He walks toward the door again, unlocks it and opens it. Then, bowing sarcastically as if you were royalty, he motions for you to leave.

“Not to pressure you or anything, but that delivery is already fifteen minutes late. Better get going if I were you,” he adds with satisfaction in his voice.

Are you on-board with this plan? What will you do now?
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