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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post

The man's eyes narrow as you speak. Now that you're closer, you can take a better look at him: the quartermaster must be in his forties, but is completely bald; he wears a dirty white apron over his Shell uniform and an old blue bandana. Much like Sven larson he seems fond of smoking, judging by the intense scent of tobacco that lingers all around the small room.

He remains silent as you explain your situation and stress the importance of not bothering Rigel with trivial grunt matters. When you're done, he slowly removes his apron and walks over to the door, closing and locking it with all the calmness in the world. Then, he walks back to the counter and leans over, looking at you straight in the eye.

"I don't know how you got in here, but you're one stupid little girl if you think you're fooling anyone," he says, spewing each word with unnerving slowness. "Nobody, and I mean nobody addresses the Marquis by his first name inside the Sanctum, much less a filthy grunt. And nobody comes up to me demanding payment without proof of the kill."

He then smirks, retrieves a cigarette from beneath the counter and lights it up before continuing.

"I could sound the alarm right now and you'd be dead. But I ain't gonna do that," he says after a brief moment of pondering, "because you might be useful to me."

The quartermaster whistles and a Gengar materializes behind him.

"My insurance, just in case you try anything even more suicidal than blowing your cover like that. You say you offed the traitor? You probably didn't even know him," he declares with alarming accuracy, "but you did the Marquis a huge favor. For your sake though, I hope you didn't steal anything from the corpse. Because that old man ran away with something very important to our future Grand Duke..."

He pauses and scans you in search for the slightest giveaway on your part.

"Here's the deal, Marshal scum: I won't turn you in, but in return, you will find something for me. In the Marquis's chambers should be some sort of code; that code opens a secret room in the Cathedral where he keeps the secret weapon we will use to breach the Bastion of Vacuous Dreams. Only his closest Executives are privy to what that weapon is; you will find out and tell me, and then the Marquis will have no choice but to let me join the assault operation instead of forcing me to stay behind to run this ridiculous little shop."

He then falls silent, expecting an answer. What will it be?
When the quartermaster removed his apron and walked closer, Alice tensed up. It was like she had already realised she had fucked up, between the ominous silence of the gross room and the way he had looked at her. Alice was right, and her mind reeled with escape plans. Axel the Abra was in her roster for a reason, but also... Hermes. That Pokemon would gladly swallow the souls of everyone in this Sanctum, whether she demanded it of him or not. He was a last measure for a sinister situation, knowing that this mission could grow deadly. Alice didn't want it to be deadly for her, if it had to be for anyone.

"I'm dead whatever I do, then. Won't he wonder how you found out if you confront him?" Alice reasoned, "But fine. I want to know, too. But you'll need to tell me where his room is, because I don't know where anything is in this place." She continued, glancing between him and the Gengar, "And I assume it's guarded? Do you know a good way to get in? Since this is benefiting both of us."

For now, anyway. It felt like the Quartermaster was just stalling the inevitable, trying to get what he wanted so that he could turn her in anyway. "But don't people go into that Bastion and never come out again? Why would you willingly risk that when you could potentially find out what's in there without losing your life?" Alice added, "Just wondering."
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