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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post

The guards look at you for a moment, before nodding simultaneously. Their expressions change from mocking to serious, and the one closer to you steps aside.

“Yeah, Marquis for now. Once we breach the Bastion we better get used to calling him Grand Duke.”

They open the gate, and you finally enter the Crimson Sanctum. You can feel their gazes locked on you as you pass them by, but fortunately neither tries anything funny. You find yourself in a massive hall, with a large stone pillars from ground to ceiling shaped like coiling Milotic. There are large open gates on each side wall, and a closed one in the wall directly in front of you. You reason you are now inside the wide circular fortress-like wall that surrounds the Cathedral, and that the doorways on both sides lead to corridors that run the full perimeter of the wall while the closed gate blocks the path to the former place of worship.

Obviously, you don’t know your way around. That is one of the many issues with this mission – you are impersonating a grunt who should, by all accounts, know the Crimson Sanctum like the back of her hand, but you have no clue where anything is and asking around would only make you look suspicious…

Suddenly, something bumps into your leg, but by the time you react, you only manage to catch a glimpse of a small Rattata fleeing quickly. However, as it brushed up against your leg, it seems to have dropped off something at your feet – kneeling down, you grab the small piece of paper and are astonished to find it contains a message directed specifically at you!

“Quartermaster is to the right, four doors down the corridor.”

You stare at the paper with conflicting feelings. On the one hand, it’s fortunate that you don’t have to ask for directions and risk blowing your cover; but on the other hand, the mere existence of this note might well imply your cover is already blown – why would someone be sending you tips unless they knew your true purpose for being here?

Whatever the reason, you now know where to go. Taking the corridor to the right, you keep going until you reach the intended door. Peering inside, you see a small room with a grumpy-looking man in his forties standing behind a tiny wooden counter, with a scar running across his face and over his right eye. Judging by the lack of space, you reckon this might’ve once been a monk’s bedroom, adapted to serve as the quartermaster’s shop.

“Whatcha lookin’ at grunt?” he barks from within, annoyed by your staring. “Ya know the drill, if ya want payment for a completed mission show me the proof!”
Alice gave the duo at the gate a lazy wave of the hand and a 'thank you' as she went over the threshold, stopping close to the entrance to take in the scenery. The Milotic statue was beautiful, and it was clear that the cathedral had once been impressive in a wholly different way. What the Shells were doing were far from good or in the spirit of religion, but then, one could debate that, too. Was this basically the crusades? Anyway--

She jumped, feeling something rustle at her ankle, Zoey stumbling a bit on her shoulder at the sudden jerk. The blonde peered down, blue eyes following the rush of a Rattata, who had left her a note. It was helpful, but from who? It was as much of a concern as anything else, but perhaps this meant that 'Molly' had an ally in this place. Scrunching the note up, Alice shoved it in her bag, making use of the direction they now had for the quartermaster.

Alice flinched. Stealth clearly wasn't a top point for her. She entered, albeit a bit awkwardly. "I know, but Rigel told me that you'd give me my reward when I got back, he didn't give me a receipt or anything." She said, "I took out the traitor about half an hour away from here, he and Anderson found me at the scene with the body. If that's not enough, I could go bother him, but I'm sure he's too busy to be worrying about grunts getting paid..." Alice hoped that might be enough to persuade the Quartermaster, their hint delivered politely and subtly, as if genuinely concerned about bothering their leader or systems not being followed. She needed to get this over with, there was a key to find and all that.
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