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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post

Despite the obviously malnourished state of the three kids in front of you, eating a Pokemon is where you draw the line. Even in the face of an open threat, you hold your ground, determined not to let the teens have their way with the Pidgey. It’s a morally complicated decision, prioritizing the Pokemon’s immediate survival over the kids’ short-term one, but you try to make ends meet by offering some sort of monetary compensation. Hearing this, the boy who threatened you spits at your feet.

“A lot of good your money’s gonna do around here! We’ll make ourselves a nice Pokedollar bill salad!”

The other kid, the one who was welling up, bursts into actual tears as he realizes they won’t get to eat today either. You guess he must be between twelve and thirteen, and to make matters worse, there is nothing more emasculating for a boy that age to cry in public.

The only way the scene can get any worse is if they suddenly decide to stone you instead of the Mandibuzz, but when the third boy speaks up – the one who had remained silent until now, the youngest of the bunch – things take a bit of a turn.

“So… you’re not going to eat it?” His high-pitched voice is, contrary to the other two, somewhat hopeful. He walks up to you, and you estimate he must be no older than ten or eleven. “If you promise to take care of it, then… Then we won’t be mad. Right guys?”

The two older kids stare at him in disbelief. Clearly, their opinion couldn’t be any more different, but neither seems to have the courage to tell him. After all, they’re friends, and it seems they feel the obligation of looking after the younger boy.

“Here Mr. Trainer,” the kid continues, holding out a small red sphere. “Nobody in Shanty Heights keeps Pokemon anymore because we can’t feed them, so we don’t need these. But maybe you can help out little Pidgey if you hurry to the Center!”

As he places the 1x Poké Ball in your hand, the other two kids drop their rocks and shake their heads.

“Jude, come on… we gotta go find food somewhere,” says the older one as he glares coldly at you.

“Yeah, it’ll get dark soon and the blanket might come out,” says the sobbing one, making no sense whatsoever.

Before they leave, little Jude stares at you one last time to make sure you do the “right thing”, before waving you goodbye and joining his friends.

Left alone again, you and your Pokemon look at the fainted Pidgey, whose breathing is becoming increasingly quicker and shallower. What will you do?...
Isaac felt a twinge of guilt in his stomach upon hearing his offer refused by the teens. He supposed they were right, money would have no value to them in the place of real actual food. He sighed as he watched the one devolve into a blubbering mess, murmuring about the blanket coming out. He clutched the Pokeball that the child had given him tightly. This item, although meaningless to someone who wasn't a trainer, was probably one of that child's only possessions. As the kids began to leave Isaac could spot the one that had handed him the Pokeball in the first place making sure that he was doing the right thing. Isaac gave a solemn nod, waving goodbye to Jude and turning towards Django and Kyp. Kyp is sniffing the small bird and giving a concerned whimper. It's clear that this poor bird's life was hanging in the balance at this point.

"Do you think it will be safer in the Pokeball?" Asked Isaac, not knowing what it was like inside one of those orb like structures. Django nodded, gesturing towards the bird as if to say 'do you really want to carry it and risk hurting it more?' Isaac nodded back, moving closer towards the bird. "Don't worry little guy, uh, or little girl. We'll get you the help you need, I swear it." He gently rolled the Pokeball towards the bird, not wanting to hit it too hard and cause more injury. He watched as the red light came forward and sucked in the bird. He prayed the ball would lock right away, so that they could run as fast as possible to the nearest Pokemon Hospital.

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