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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post


The journey back to Bedlam Ridge brings unwanted memories, but at the same time, the very fact that you can face them is a testament to your growth. This time around, however, you tread new ground within the old land, opting to explore the Quarry.

… or you would, if only you could actually enter it.

“Area’s off limits to civilians,” you suddenly hear someone say in the most emotionless monotone you’ve ever heard.

The entrance to the mining area has been closed off, with several Marshals and their Lairon forming a line to prevent passersby from entering the precinct. Looking at you with the expression of someone suffering from terminal boredom is the highest-ranking officer of the operation, at least judging by the extra medals in his uniform.

“Due to an unforeseen increase in radioactive readings coming from the mine,” he continues in a speech that has clearly been repeated to exhaustion, “civilians are prohibited from approaching the mine. Those who attempt to do so will be arrested according to Bedlam Ridge law. Please move along, there is nothing to see here.”

You can see the open-cast mine up ahead completely devoid of people, when one would usually expect to see at least a few members of each rival faction exploring the area for resources. You doubt either Shells or Ribs care for “Bedlam Ridge Law”, if there even is such a thing, but the fact that none of them are around probably means this really is a dangerous situation…

So? Are you a law-abiding citizen, or not quite?
It took longer than expected for them to run into an obstacle..... The Marshals had taken it upon themselves to section of the mining area due to an apparent radiation risk. Jayson didn't exactly buy the story, it smelled of them covering up some other operation. He wasn't about to let them stop him from going about his business, if he wanted to go into the mine then he was going to do it. The Marshals had all but ruined his first venture to Bedlam, they were unreliable and seemed to care more about their own agenda than actually taking care of the city.

"Of course officer", Jayson began to lie through his teeth, "I wouldn't want to break Bedlam Ridge Law." He had broken countless laws last time, but it had suited them then. Jayson peered past the row of officers, they just needed a distraction so they could get to the other side. Jayson retreated from sight before unleashing another Pokemon. Sigurd the Gallade quickly assessed the situation via their telepathic link and the two quickly developed a plan.

"Alright Blinky, we need you to create a distraction. Fire a Zap Cannon into the side of the quarry, hopefully that'll make a loud enough noise to draw the attention of the Marshals. Sigurd will then Teleport us all inside the quarry and we'll continue our little adventure as if the Marshals were never blocking us in the first place. Jayson grinned, sure he was breaking the law again, but this time it was harmless, right?

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