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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
The Temporary City Zone

Bedlam Quarry (Neutral): Hotly contested by both the Marshals and the Ribs, the Goldenridge Quarry is the source of the gold and minerals that gave life to the town, and as such is highly valued as a source of funding for all groups. Found in the north-east, the open-cast mine goes deep into the mountainside, and there are still riches to be found as long as one is careful given the turmoil within. The miners have since fled, with only the foolhardiest and toughest remaining to maintain the machinery and extract minerals. The mountainous terrain is a haven to pokemon who enjoy the rocky locale, and there have been sightings of greedy pokemon too. Reply in Beige.
It been a while since Jayson last set foot in Bedlam. Bedlam was the first place he'd visited in Fizzytopia, he'd arrived with a carefree heart, his new starter Pokemon Atalanta close to his side. They'd both grown and experienced a lot since then, but Jayson never thought he'd return here. Their first adventure had been intense to say the least, they were lucky to escape with their lives and Jayson wasn't exactly pleased with the person he became here. He had fallen into the mayhem of the city, sunk to the level of its worst inhabitants. It had taken him quite some time to overcome the trauma, but now he was at a place where he was confident enough to return.

He'd not been to the Quarry on his last visit and he hoped it wouldn't be as chaotic as the city. He wasn't about to rush back in, he'd warm up in the Quarry before heading into the city again. Two Pokemon accompanied him as he wandered through the somewhat abandoned quarry, Blinky the Chinchou bounced around on his weirdly cute feet, while Iron Maiden the Ferroseed rolled across the hard ground. They made their way towards a tunnel that seemed to lead into the mountainside. Jayson knew the area was contested by both the gangs and the Marshals, he'd like to avoid directly getting involved in the conflict but he knew better than most that in Bedlam you didn't really have a choice.

"Alright Bedlam, show me what you've got."

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