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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post

Undeterred by the sight of the two massive carrion-eaters overhead, you spring to action to protect the wounded Pidgey despite it not being any of your business. Perhaps more out of instinct than reason, you send out two partners who, despite holding elemental advantage, are certainly weaker in strength than the fully evolved vultures, but it’s all you can do with the squad you chose to bring along…

Your Sandslash resourcefully freezes the path ahead and slides along it like a spiky sled, and miraculously manages to intercept the killer dive before Mandibuzz’s beak pierces the helpless Pidgey. Slamming into the ice stalactites that make up Django’s shell, the bird recoils in pain, screeching loudly as it regains altitude. Kyp, close by, displays his immense courage with an imposing Howl for his diminutive stature.

Resuming their circling routine, the two Mandibuzz cast their shadows on the group as they prepare to dive a second time… but they suddenly break off and fly away, out of sight, having realized that their usual scavenging would require more effort than it’s worth today.

*Django has gained 2 Levels!*
*Kyp has gained 2 Levels!*

The Pidgey looks around in confusion, likely having expected to meet its fate given its current condition. It stares at Django and Kyp with apprehension, wondering if they only fought off the vultures so they could be the ones to eat it, until a surge of pain causes it to wince and pass out from accumulated injuries.


The sudden cry startles you, and you spot three young men, likely in their early teens, jump out of a nearby pile of rubble, each of them holding rocks.

“We saw it first! That bird is our lunch, not yours!!”

You quickly realize what happened. These kids were waiting for the Mandibuzz to finish off the Pidgey, then they’d chase away the vultures with rocks and split the bird among themselves...

“It’s not fair,” mumbles one of the kids with tears in his eyes. “You look like you ate just yesterday, or the day before…”

“Hand over that bird,” threatens the oldest-looking of the group, still no older than fifteen you reckon. “We’ll fight you for it if we have to, believe me!”
Seeing the enormous vultures fly away causes Kyp to yip out proudly, he turns towards the small bird he was protecting, the poor thing looked like it had taken quite the beating. It's eyes were wild, darting from Kyp to Django with a sense of fear in them. Django uncurled himself and turned to the Pidgey, murmuring in his droning voice about how everything was going to be okay now. The Pidgey seems unconvinced, but it's eyes suddenly widen and it faints from it's injuries and the sheer exhaustion that it had been suffering due to the anticipation of dying. Django looks shocked, turning to Kyp who alerts Isaac with a few loud commanding barks.

Isaac, hearing Kyp's cries and whimpers, walks over and notices the poor Pidgey. He tuts quietly, the concern he feels is immense. If they don't get this poor bird to a hospital as soon as possible it might be too late. He pulls out a Pokeball from his pack, ready to scoop up the small bird and run him to the nearest Pokecenter. As he readies himself, he hears a shout from behind him. He stands up in a hurry, ready to fight off whatever thug had yelled. Instead, Isaac was greeted by faces of children.

The kids walk out from behind their dirt pile. Their clothes are ratted and torn, their eyes show little light, and their bodies had become frail and thin due to their lack of proper meals. One of the kids has tears in his eyes as he mumbles about Isaac looking well fed. Isaac feels his hand ball into a fist, subconsciously protective of the tiny bird. He knows these kids are hungry, but eating a Pokemon is out of the question. He would have to try to reason with them. The oldest looking child takes another step towards Isaac, demanding the bird. He threatens a fight if Isaac does not comply. Isaac shakes his head slowly, keeping his eyes focused on the group.

"Look, I don't want to fight but this poor Pidgey is just a baby Pokemon!" He sighed, knowing he probably came off as an ass. "Sorry. I know you're probably extremely hungry..." Kyp looks up at his trainer expectantly. "I don't know if it'll help you at all, but I can offer you kids some money for food. Anything to make you leave this poor bird alone." Django stands in front of the Pidgey protectively, nothing would get past him if they tried to rush past Isaac. Kyp and Jericho hover behind Isaac, ready to jump into a fight if they needed to protect their master.
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