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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post

You decide to lie about your findings, despite Commander Rigel’s clear interest in what the dead man was holding on to. You then lie about your name too, and as soon as you do, you hear Anderson – still dutifully scanning the corpse – whisper to himself.


Rigel’s eyebrow rises as you summarily describe the dead man as both senile and stupid. Arms crossed, the way he strums his fingers repeatedly on his bicep conveys his unspoken irritation.

“I see you weren’t briefed on the target. He was far from either of those things grunt,” he stresses despite now knowing your name. “But you knew enough to put him down and that’s what matters. Well done. The quartermaster will see to your reward back at the Sanctum. Anderson!”

“Y-yes Commander?” he stammers pitifully. Hearing it, Rigel’s frown accentuates and he growls ominously.

“For the millionth time Anderson, I am not a commander and we are no army! Now, move out!”

With that, he jumps back atop his dragon and takes flight back to Shell Headquarters, without so much as looking back. The redhead straightens back up and rigidly walks over to his Noivern, climbs up and – looking straight at the ground still – begins to address you… failing spectacularly.


The Noivern rises in the air, kicking up yet another cloud of dust in your direction, and leaves. It seems both of them are completely certain that you, being a Shell, have your own method of aerial transportation, and as a result neither of them offers you a ride back to the Sanctum. The good news is, following the two dragons with your eyes, you see them begin to descend not terribly far from your current location, disappearing from sight soon thereafter. It must mean your destination is closer by than you think!

Further inspecting the corpse reveals no new information, and with that, all that remains is getting back on the road. After some thirty minutes the building you so desperately sought finally comes into view, a veritable stronghold of impenetrable stone walls and a large cathedral rising in the middle. At the gate, two men dressed in a black outfit similar to yours stand guard.

“Stop there a minute,” says one of them as you approach. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you around here.”

“Come on Rick, there’s two hundred of us in here. Don’t tell me you know every single…”

“Yeah but look at her,” the man insists as he points at you. “You’d remember someone looking like her right?! I mean… Wow.”

The second guard falls silent for a moment, looking intensely at you, before nodding in agreement. “You’re right. I would remember; I’ve gotten acquainted with all the ladies worth meeting in the Sanctum, and you’re not one of them. So, grunt…”

He steps forward and looks you dead in the eye as the first man stands firmly by the gate.

“What is the rightful title of our leader Rigel von Argentus?”

It seems addressing Rigel properly is a big deal around these parts. You understand what the guards are trying to do here, and their suspicions are well founded since you are an imposter. Maybe if you provide the right answer they will let you inside…
Alice's cheeks flushed red at her reprimand, worrying that she might have already given herself away. Apparently not, although it made her nervous how it seemed that Rigel had been committing her name to memory, almost. Soon he was gone, though, hopefully nothing to worry over. If the big boss had considered her worth putting down or otherwise dealing with, they probably would have done it on the spot. A lazy wave to Anderson and he was gone, too, with Alice stuck on foot. Great. She really needed to get her lazy arse something that could properly carry her on land or through the air.

It only took half an hour more, though, and she had gotten into her water supply on the way to keep her strength up and mind sharp. The Sanctum was impressive, but it was a shame to see somewhere that had once been a place of pure worship now defiled and corrupted by the Shells' presence. The grunts at the gate stopped her and Alice locked up a bit, trying not to cringe as the security detail ran their mouths. At least Alice had already learned not to run hers.

"Maybe I'm just having an eleven kind of day." Alice tried to dismiss their attention, uneasy. What the women of the Sanctum must have put up with. She hoped that none of them were as docile as Anderson or these guys probably took advantage. It was hard for Alice to know what to do other than squirm, because any kind of attention drawn would surely bring this mission to a fatal end. "His rightful title is Marquis. Look, I just got back from finishing that traitor off and I have to see the quartermaster. Can I please go in now?"
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