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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post

Despite being technically “neutral” ground, it’s extremely hard to feel safe in Shanty Heights. Although you’re not stepping directly on Shell or Rib territory, the clear notion that both criminal groups surround the desolate settlement is deeply unnerving, if only the relatively high chance of a knife in your back at any moment.

Jericho floats around you, just as nervous as you are but doing a considerably poorer job of concealing it. If there’s comfort to be had, it’s that his ability to remain airborne, coupled with his constant nervous back-and-forth hovering, makes it less likely for a crook to sneak up behind you.

Although Shanty Heights is supposed to be home to a few of the locals who didn’t flee the once-safe Ridge, you go for several miles without seeing a soul. Most likely, people are hiding in their homes (if you can call home to some of the piles of rubble that surround you), not wanting to risk running into you without knowing your allegiance. The once-glorious city is now a vast landscape of poverty and desolation, and you can’t blame the inhabitants for not being out on the streets if they can avoid it.

Suddenly, a loud commotion up ahead startles you, and Jericho hides behind you instinctively. A few feet away from you, lying helplessly on the main street, is a who struggles to take flight, but can’t seem to do so. As you approach, you understand the cause: its left wing seems to be broken, and the poor bird is covered in cuts. Circling it up ahead are two hungry-looking Mandibuzz, ready to home in on their guaranteed meal. Then, with a blood-curdling cry, one of the large vultures dives in to begin the feast!

Knowing Mandibuzz are usually strong opponents, you might not want to get involved; after all, this is simply nature running its course. But if you choose to step in, this is the absolute last moment to do it, so you better act quick!
Jericho looked around, afraid of anything that could possible come at them. He was low-leveled and his movepool was certainly not the best, who knows what he could do to even attempt to protect his trainer if something did spring out and attack them. He watched his master wandering, looking around. He had to admit, it was weird to see his trainer without a Leafeon attached to his hip. Vinny was staying home to watch her daughter, who had probably eaten something to make her ill knowing the little Eevee. His roster was abnormal, but Jericho had to admit he was pleased that the lesser used Pokemon were getting a little bit of love. He himself included.

Isaac wandered around, the barren domes that were once homes were humbling to him. He couldn't imagine losing everything like these people had. The threat of Team Plasma had been stomped out in Unova, but he assumed that if they got further this might be what his home region would look like. He shuddered at the thought of it. He pulled the cigarette out of his lips and tossed it to the ground, stomping on it so he wouldn't start a fire and destroy any remnants of homes or greenery. It was the least he could do for these poor people at this point. Maybe he would contact his agent, he could probably arrange some sort of donation drive for the ridge --- maybe raise enough to allow those with no where else to go to finally leave.

"Buzz!" A loud screech came from a few feet ahead of Isaac, causing him to freeze in his tracks. Jericho's body jumped upward, levitating quickly to hide behind Isaac. Isaac slowly wanders forward, seeing the source of the noise. A small wounded Pidgey is laying in the center of the street, it's left wing in a crumbled heap --- presumably broken by some sort of attack, which was backed up by the numerous cuts shining red from between it's feathers. It's head is focused upward, a concerned expression on it's face. Isaac's eyes follow, noticing the two huge vulture Pokemon circling around it, seemingly ready to swoop down and attack.

"Oh my god." Murmured Isaac, Jericho peaked out from between his legs to see the commotion. He cowered upon seeing the tremendous birds, cawing and making frightening screeches as they prepared themselves to strike. Isaac grabbed two Pokeballs from his belt, releasing an Alolan Sandslash and an Electrike. "Kyp! Django! Protect that Pidgey!" Isaac called, hearing a horrible screech from the direction of the birds. The Sandslash nodded quickly, spraying ice on the ground and sliding on it's stomach to jump in front and protect the Pidgey. He defensively curled his body, exposing his sharp icy spikes towards the Mandibuzz. Kyp was close behind, running and standing beside Django.

"Rike!" Called the Electrike, howling loudly to pump itself up for the battle that was about to ensue.
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