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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
The Temporary City Zone

Shanty Heights (Neutral): As with any city, upper and lower class are divided, and to the unfortunates of the Shiny Heights sector to the south, the Shells and Ribs have made the location their battleground. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, the people of the christened Shanty Heights struggle through life, trapped on all sides with their lives and livelihoods at stake, whether it be from the ruthless Shells or the rascally Ribs. What they do possess is companionship, and a yearning to flee the city as refugees, and will be willing to give whatever it takes to ensure their freedom from the bedlam. The pokemon who call Shanty Heights home are those who possess what the people do not: Freedom of movement and little worry for the battles around them. Reply in Violet.
Bedlam Heights was an oddity for Isaac. It reminded him so much of his home in Unova, but it was torn apart by gang activity and the poor people that chose to stay behind are still forced to suffer their wrath. As he walked along the war torn Shanty Heights, he couldn't help but keep looking behind him. It was frightening to be in such a place. It wasn't like looking behind him constantly was out of the ordinary. In any other region he would have to do the same to avoid any sort of publicity, but this was so much different. If a Shell or Rib snuck up behind him, he'd be toast. And he certainly didn't want that.

He wasn't sure what he was looking for, but he felt comforted in knowing that he had his Pokemon to rely on. His Tynamo floated beside him, ebbing and flowing through the air as he followed his master. It didn't like this place, something about it made it's gills feel tight. But he was here to obey, and he made sure that his master knew that he was with him no matter what. He let out a small call, causing Isaac to turn to him.

"Don't worry Jericho." Isaac murmured into his hands as he lit up a cigarette. "I'm sure this place is abandoned. There should be nothing to worry about." He pulled the cigarette away from his lips and let out a puff of smoke. Isaac may sound confident, but Jericho knew deep down that he was just as afraid as he was.
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