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Always kind, that's how many would describe you. Thinking about others before yourself, you rushed after Ben. You could hear his footsteps slowly getting quieter as he got further and further away from you. As you approached the foot of the stairs, you couldn't help but notice the glaring darkness that was surrounding the entirety of the hole. You hoped that Ben had not been foolish enough to run down into these depths without a light source... but you assumed that that was the last thing on his mind with his precious Pokemon in danger. Releasing your Litwick from it's Pokeball you began to run down the stairs, hearing what sounded like water.

Wait... what?

As you hit the bottom of the stairs you noticed a low layer of water covering the floor. It seems that the basement may have flooded at some point. Grabbing Palimer in one hand and Croquette in the other, you wade through the shallow water. Although nothing on you, only reaching around your knees, it would certainly completely cover the small candle. As you walk, you spot Ben, staring at the hole that had come through the ceiling where his precious Cleffa had fallen through.

"Treasure?" He called, an urgency in his voice. You felt your heart drop as you realized that the Cleffa had probably fallen into the water. You rushed over to Ben, allowing his to use Palimer's light to search through the water. Ben frantically flings his hands under the water, trying to unearth the small Cleffa. Instead, he finds himself grabbing something. He looks up at you for a moment before tugging at whatever he found, pulling away what looks to be a rotting old board.

"Oh my god.." He murmurs, pulling up a small locked box from underneath the floorboard. He drops his head and lets out a few quiet sniffles and a small chuckle. "I guess she was right." He laughs slightly, wiping a few stray tears from his face. "Oh Treasure... I'm so sorry."

You feel your heart sinking, but something isn't adding up here. Treasure was no where to be found, but she had certainly fallen through this hole. You stand up slowly and look around, feeling Croquette begin to fuss in your arms. You look around, spotting nothing at first but then noticing a small crack in the wall, coated in some greyish looking sludge. You direct Ben's attention to the hole, and he slowly crawls over --- peering into it.

"Treasure!" He suddenly calls, his voice full of relief. You sigh in relief as he starts dismantling the wall to allow the two of you better access at the small Cleffa. You slowly move towards him, hearing a somewhat angry sounding voice.

"Goom..." It murmurs, becoming louder the more boards Ben rips off.

"Cleff!" Calls Treasure, struggling in a small webbing made of the same sludge you saw before. As Ben tears off one more board, a horde of Goomy rush towards you --- three in total.

"Goomy, goom!" They all stand protectively in front of Treasure, assuming you're here to hurt her. Ben sticks his hand deeper to grab Treasure but one of the Goomy chomps down and bites it.

"Ow!" Calls Ben, yanking his hand away. "That hurt!"

These Goomy are very protective of poor Treasure, they must have rescued her. What do you do?


As your Togepi waggled it's finger at the unsuspecting glutton, you noticed a vine slowly work it's way out of the ground, it's grassing roots slowly tying knots around the feet of your criminal Munchlax. As they tightened, the Munchlax groaned in pain before the Grass Knots pulled forward and tripped it before retreated back into the ground. Due to the mass of the Munchlax, the little knots packed quite the punch. But the creature wasn't defeated quite yet. It seemed that it had more tricks up it's sleeve, but it's stomach was growling loudly.

"Munch..." It groaned, slowly extending it's hand and balling it into a first before hitting itself on the stomach and burping out your Pecha Berries in an attempt to Recycle them. Your eyes lit up upon seeing your Pecha Berries once again, only to watch the Munchlax gobble them back up in a rushed frenzy. It patted it's stomach proudly, content with the meal it had just consumed. It slowly moved forward and licked the pink juices off of it's lips, seemingly mocking you for trying so desperately to get them back. It slowly moved it's finger once again, for a while nothing happened and the Munchlax looked around worriedly. All of the sudden, it's face changed and it let out a burp, it's mouth flinging open and spraying Acid at your poor Togepi's face.

Although Meringue has taken a few hits, the Munchlax is looking noticably worse. Once good hit should finish it off! What do you do?
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