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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
The air around Jess and her accompanying Pokemon was heavy, humid, and thick, hanging over them like an ominous blanket as they had gone deep into the jungle of fruit trees in the Rose Garden’s tropical grove. Morelull seemed to be popping up around them in all directions and continued their giggling like mischievous little spirits that inhabited the orchard.

Seeing as they were completely surrounded by the fungus Pokemon, Jess deemed it would probably be more productive to work through this peacefully than to battle their way out. However, she did keep Iris and her other Pokemon on guard as she turned to address the crowd of Morelull. As she asked about the whereabouts of the missing Flabébé, Comfey nervously held up the small flower petal to show to the orchard’s inhabitants. There was a hushed murmur of whispers that echoed across the path for a brief moment before the giggles resumed like before. Comfey and the others weren’t sure if that was a good sign or a bad sign, but the Morelull that had previously knocked down from its own Confuse Ray had finally regained its senses and stood in the trail before them. “More!” it exclaimed and began hopping away down the path, beckoning for them to follow.

It wasn’t too long before the group had finally arrived at a large clearing in the trees. There were fungi everywhere as mushrooms concealed the tree trunks like parasites and covered the ground like a carpet. Before them stood an alien-like creature; a tall mushroom with arms and legs with a large cap on its head. Atop the mushroom’s cap was a crown of flowers, as it had been deemed the ruler over this section of the orchard. Sitting on the Shiinotic’s shoulder was none other than Comfey’s missing friend, Flabébé. However, there was something off about it. There was a distant look in the small fairy’s eyes as if it were having an out of body experience. “Fey! Comfey!” the wreath Pokemon cried out, hovering off of Jess to get its attention to no avail. The incessant giggling of Morelull around them ceased as Shiinotic stepped forward to see why the guests had intruded on their orchard. What will Jess do?
In response to their question, a rustle of murmurs rippled through the crowd of mushrooms, before the giggles resumed again. Jess wasn't sure whether to take this as a good or bad sign, but the Morelull that had previously incapicitated itself now seemed to regain its senses and stood up, beckoning for the group to follow before hopping along the path. The gang glanced warily to each other, but agreed to pursue for lack of any better clues, leaving an unnerving wall of whispers in their wake.

It wasn't long before their bouncing guide led to them a large clearing in the woods, almost completely infested with fungi as they crawled insidiously over the rotten tree trunks and carpeted the entire forest floor (some of which blinked creepily at her like an ocean of black eyes and bulbs). In its center bloomed a towering purple stalk, more breathtaking than its brethren as it glowed with an almost unearthly light. Atop its giant umbrella cap lay a crown of flowers, denoting its status as sovereign of the chitin kingdom. ...However, more striking was the fact that sitting beneath the shade on its shoulder was none other than the missing Flabébé they were seeking. Its eyes appeared dazed and distant though, seemingly oblivious of its surroundings. For it didn't even stir when Comfey shouted and waved in a desperate attempt to get its attention, utterly unaware of sound or salvation.

The movement inevitably garnered a response from royalty though, as the mushroom monarch stepped forth to see what had brought these intruders upon its land. The sighing undertones around them ceased into silence to make way for their majesty, parting like waves before its mass. Jess gulped as she carefully avoided the shuffling sea of shrooms to come face to face with the eerie emperor, steeling herself as she addressed respectfully.

"Greetings, your- uh- shroominess. We apologize for causing a disturbance, but we came in search of a friend of ours who went missing. We believe that Flabébé there on your shoulder is the one we're looking for." She pointed directly at the dreaming pixie, swallowing anxiously lest their request be denied. "If you'd be so kind as to let it down, I promise we'll just be on our way."
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