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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post

"In Romma, be Romman", as the saying goes. And so, you take a very Bedlam-like approach to the situation, choosing to mentally probe the frail man before he (or anyone else) has a chance to ambush you.

His trembling hands reach for the ice-cold water but struggle to grab the bottle, and even raising it to his lips proves to be a herculean task, so weakened he has become. The way he eyes the drink, however, makes it clear he has been longing for a chance to kill his thirst for a long time.

Even so, before he can have a proper drink, your pristine-white Vulpix locks her magical gaze on him. Her eyes glow blue, and soon thereafter so do the man's, and Nina begins to pierce the man's mind scavenging for information.

However, he resists.

Flailing his arms about before clutching his head in his hands, the old man screams as he realizes what you're trying to do, as if he's been subjected to it before. Eventually, under the psychic hold that is being used for probing rather than inducing sleep as normally, he begins to crack, but maybe not how you would expect.

"I... I know nothing! You can't... please, stop! They'll... they'll kill..." he stammers, voice failing him on occasion due to the dryness of his throat. "Rigel will kill me! Please, I beg you... I... beg..."

Suddenly, his eyes glaze over; his head drops and he exhales one last time. The old man has died from the strain.

Nina looks at you, uncertain how to react. Did she kill him? Did he kill himself by resisting? Was she to blame?...
The elder lies motionless on the floor, and there seems to be nobody else around to judge you for what just happened. You will never know if this was a trap, but if it was, it seems the man was acting alone...

Now what?
Alice had not expected that at all, evidently. She hadn't anticipated so severe a reaction, especially from a man so old. Of course, she'd also wanted him to take a drink first, but that seemed like a tiny issue compared to the rest of this mess. "I... Shit." She cursed, aware of how still Zoey had gotten and the way that Nina was looking at her. The poor Vulpix looked distraught, which was how Alice had felt. Murdering a poacher in Minnao Isle had fucked her up enough, but at least then the adrenaline from the gunshot wound had sort of messed that memory up a bit. This? Well...

"I'm not sure we could have saved him anyway. If he was that dehydrated and traumatised, we probably got here too late - and we're assuming he's on the good side, too." Alice said. She crouched down, fluffing Nina's fur reassuringly. To the fox's surprise, after closing the stranger's eyes, Alice began patting him down and checking his pockets for anything that might have been useful or any clues about his identity. "At least if he's got anything on him that might help us, he won't have died in vain. If not, the Shells might be able to tell us something when we get there. I should call the Marshalls and ask who Rigel is..."

Nina gave a small coo of affirmation, but couldn't take her eyes away from the corpse. Alice wasn't going to put her away when they eventually moved on. She probably needed a carry and cuddle, and that aside, Nina was naturally cooler, which was refreshing in this nasty outfit and the spring heat.
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