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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post

Preparations complete and uniform reluctantly put on, you hit the road determined to see this mission through. Your destination is the Crimson Sanctum, effectively the Headqquarters of the Shells, former Team Rocket members determined on controlling all of Bedlam Ridge. Their current target, and greatest concern of the Marshals, seems to be the Bastion of Vacuous Dreams, and it's your mission to find out why and how they plan to make their way inside.

The map might not have done a geat job of conveying to you the sheer distance between Marshal HQ, in the northern part of Bedlam, and the Sanctum all the way to the south-west, however. Walking in the general direction you got from Larson's map, there seems to be nothing ahead for several miles, just an arid landscape with nothing of interest as far as the eye can see. Makes sense, in a way, that two sworn enemies would make camp as far away from one another as possible, but still...

The journey is as uneventful as the road itself for quite a while, but you never manage to feel completely at ease; after all, this is a land of crooks and criminals, and getting jumped on and mugged at any point feels like a very real possibility at every turn. Dust covers your already far from pristine Shell outfit, as you muscle along the winding dirt road lined by withered bushes and dead trees. Criminals would have nowhere to hide if they tried to sneak up on you, you tell yourself as reassuringly as possible... but you still can't bring yourself to relax completely.

"G..Girl... GIRL!" suddenly yells a pained voice up ahead, startling you. "D-don't leave me here!..."

A dark firgure up ahead, lying by the side of the road against a rock, slowly raises a hand in your direction. The voice is strained, dry, heavy with a sense of dread. Cautiously approaching, you realize it's a man in his sixties and in very rough shape.
The old man looks beaten, dehydrated and whatever he wore before is now in rags. Black rags. If they bore any insignia at any point, they are no longer recognizable.


Passing him by, or going around him, would not be hard to do. He seems to be in a bad spot, but if there's one thing that holds tue about Bedlam, is that you should trust nobody. With that said, will you approach the man, or ignore him and move on?
Alice hated maps, and Alice also hated walking for ages and ages with no end in sight, filled with dread and in this miserable outfit in the miserable heat. Well, she'd signed up for Hell, and at least this was relatively peaceful Hell, even if Alice suspected it of being otherwise. Perhaps it was past experiences talking, but she just couldn't shake the bad sensation she had, warning her of something being so very wrong.

A voice made her jump, Zoey immediately tensing up and ready to jump into action. Only, it's an elderly man, and Alice's heart lurches at the sight of him. He's a total mess, for sure. There's no way that Alice can just leave him, but she also knows Bedlam and knows her mission. This could easily be a trap, or Alice could be seen aiding an enemy or acting soft. The blonde can't risk either.

"I won't leave you, don't worry..." Alice trailed off ominously, procuring one of the bright spheres from her belt as well as the large, cool plastic water bottle. Its temperature was unfortunately beginning to rise in the heat, but that would soon be sorted, as in a small burst of hearts an Alolan Vulpix appeared. "Nina, use your frosty breath to cool these water bottles and this man here. And then use hypnosis on him."

The Pokemon was a little surprised at her order but didn't disobey. She used a weakened version of one of her moves to ensure that the water was cold, and Alice handed the bottle to the suffering man. Then, glassy eyes alight with a freezing, psychic blue, Nina tried to induce him with hypnotism. "I need you to tell me how you got in this state, and whether you're with the Ribs and Shells. Tell me everything you know about them, and the Marshalls, too." Alice said firmly. If he was innocent she'd feel bad, but hey, at least then she could whisk him off to safety and she wouldn't have abandoned some old man to die.
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