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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
Trading $2000 to Raves for my final four Love Balls. Let's get this debt settled aha.
Trading these last 4 Love Balls to Alice for $2000. Payment received in full.

*trade closed*



It is with a heart of lead that I have wrote this letter to you, and with much regrets. Having communicated with my flock, it is of utmost importance that our contract signed all those years ago will have to be terminated. My reasons are my own, but you can probably surmise them as such, as well as the context of this message. Nay, this is no letter, but a summary and explanation of what I have done and why.

I was assigned by the Rhodine Order to monitor your induced amnesia following an incident that led to the extermination of thousands of lives, human and pokemon, and to ensure that the spectre of death did not follow you. I was commanded to utilise an underground network of dubious nature to invoke this monitor, and to devise a steady recuperation of identity, which was successful.

The events of Phantom Isle, however, threw the entire toolbox into the scheme of things.

I have been ordered to return to command for...recommissioning, and to be set loose unto the world to live as I see fit. What memories I have of my time with you are to be erased, and my slate cleaned. It is what I have accepted for my failures, and by the time you receive this letter, the crow you know will be long gone.

Do not get upset, I know you won't, for it is not my talons that write these words. You will find attached to this communique a number of pokemon, some familiar, some not. You will know what to do with them.

Fare ye well,

Trading my level 37 Male Honchkrow with stats below to Marion Ette for her Gligar.

Spoiler: show

*trade started*
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