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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post

Sven Larson's lips curl into a coy smile once you mention your past experience with Ribs.

"F*ckin' perfect," he says in a voice that makes sandpaper sound like a harp. "Shells can spot a Marshal a mile away; most new blood around here cycles in and out, but they always still manage to recognize us even undercover. But you... you've been around Bedlam and the Shells have no idea who you are, if all you dealt with was Ribs."

He motions for you follow him as he walks over to a nearby table with a map of Bedlam Ridge spread out on top of it.

"Crimson Sanctum," he growls, placing a finger on the map. "Used to be a holy place for folks with such inclination; went by a different name then too, but who gives a f*ck anymore. What matters is you'll be infiltrating the place and act as a double agent for us. Find out why they plan to raid the Bastion. More importantly... find out how they plan to do it."

Larson pulls out a(nother) cigarette and casually motions with his head to the man behind the counter who you'd met earlier - the one that thought you were deaf.

"He'll give you a uniform we kept from some Shell we offed. It will be sweaty and unwashed, and it won't fit that skinny frame, but going to the Sanctum in that Barbie outfit will get you shot, so weigh your options," he says dryly. "Be nice to him and he might remember he's also supposed to provide you with a small care package for the mission."

He approaches you and holds out his hand again, but this time it seems to be for an actual handshake.

"You're a brave lass. Someone with less tact would say you got balls," he says as he smirks, all proud of his joke, probably the only one he knows judging by his shining personality. "Once you arrive, tell 'em you've been kept hostage by Marshals for months but managed to escape. They'll be starving for intel on our own activities, so it won't be hard for you to be allowed inside the Sanctum if you spin the tale right. Go get 'em, soldier."

Reluctantly approaching the counter and the man who'd welcomed you so warmly to the HQ, you begin to tell him Sven Larson sent you before he cuts you off.

"I heard the whole thing, y'know? You were, like, right there. Jeez."

Visibly inconvenienced, he gets up and disappears behind a nearby door, eventually reappearing with with a black and red uniform that borrows heavily from the famous (if maligned) Team Rocket garments of old. And the clothes are precisely in the condition Larson had told you, because of course they are.

"Here, all yours. Now, we're short on supplies, so you'll have to choose. I got a couple of Super Potions left, a Full Heal, a... hm, ran out of these already? Oh, look, a spare Smoke Ball. And this here... ah, right, two Sitrus Berries. Moldy."

he spreads the meager haul on the counter, but before you can take them, he raises his voice.

"Three. You get to choose three."

Once you've made your choice, he finally points to the PC on the counter. It's so old, it's a wonder how it still works; worst still, it runs Shutters Vista.

"Use that to choose the Pokemon you're gonna take with you, in case you don't know what a PC is for. Good luck, don't get shot, yadda yadda."

Time for your final preparations. Are you ready to do this?
Alice smiled in spite of the Marshall's grating voice, although his words weren't entirely reassuring. Sure, she'd managed to get in and out of the Casino without ever being investigated, but she'd played on her moe idol trash image for that. She wasn't a brute by any means, and couldn't help but worry that if these people could see through trained professionals, her famous idol-trainer arse was going to bullet hell the moment she stepped into the Sanctum. Yeesh.

At least, though, it had been quite a while since she had stepped into Bedlam at all. There was a good chance that the Rib who had seen her - because his friends hadn't - wouldn't have even known she was the same person who had come to Fizzytopia's aid and entertainment on numerous occasions. Hell, plenty of them might not even care for that kind of news or media, and hopefully that would be the same for the Shells. Alice looked down at the map and took a picture of it for reference, especially as she sucked at maps, and then saluted Sven once he was done. "Yes, sir!"

Ah, dealing with the receptionist again. Good shit. He cut her off, and although Alice pulled a face, she looked thoroughly entertained by the way he did it. Nice, she could appreciate that sass at least - and the strict scolding he gave her as she reached for the 'gifts'. "I'll take the Smoke Ball, Full Heal and a Super Potion. Thanks." Alice said, tone balanced as she moved to pack them away. At grasping at the uniform, the blonde cringed, her expression dramatic. "Ick. This is great..." Alice grimaced. "Thanks, though. I don't want my plastic body getting wrecked on sight if I can help it."

She glanced to the computer, thinking hard. Her Pokemon stood out for sure, and some were social media stars as well, especially with their vibrant hues. Alice would have to consider her team well for this one, especially with the risks involved. If she went into the Bastion... She might not even get out. The lag of the computer was frustrating, but it gave her time to think. "Zoey, if you're willing, you're coming along." Alice told the Zubat who chittered an affirmative, happy to comply. Eridian the Bagon and Nina the Alolan Vulpix were among her selection, and when Alice went to change, she had the Pokemon blast the outfit with water and dry it out, hoping that might help the sweat issue. She tried to reduce the smell with deodorant and body mist.

Her things packed into a more subtle bag than previously had and her accessories removed, Alice returned to the lobby, ready to duty. Her blonde hair was pulled into a practical, albeit fluffy, ponytail, and the uniform had been belted to hold the trousers up. Letting Larson know she was ready to roll, final preparations complete, it was off to the Sanctum with Zoey on arm and the others on standby.
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