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King Ghidorah- Trekking through the quarry, you find that it is rather deserted, at least at the moment. It was the middle of the day, it would make sense that Ribs would do their work at night when darkness would conceal their shifty behaviour. If you hoped to find riches you were in the right place, but you would have to work quickly to ensure any spoils you gathered weren't swiftly added to the Ribs' coffers.

As you make your way towards the mines entrance, you hear a man shouting for help. Surging forward, it isn't long before the elderly man comes into view. Despite his robust build and age, the old timer could certainly swing a pickaxe. The target of his violent outbursts? A horde of black reptilian Pokemon, all scrambling to get at the contents of a wheelbarrow. The Pokemon were relentless, even when struck down they leapt back to their feet and continued to try and get at the ore the man had gathered.

As he turns to swing, the man catches sight of you and pleads for your assistance. "You there, can you help me get these pesky Salandit away from my haul?!" He continued to lash out with his pickaxe, it was proving ineffective against the agile Salandits, he needed the assistance of Pokemon. Quickly counting the Salandit, you count seven of them however they are moving so quickly that you could have easily miscounted. There was no way of telling what was motivating the Salandit to harass the elderly man, perhaps they simply felt like causing chaos, or perhaps they had a purpose?
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