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Medmana- In order to get through the ranks of guards who surrounded the church, you knew you had to be stealthy. You recall all your Pokemon, except for your sneaky infiltrator Elen. The Inkay was currently invisible to the naked eye and you hoped he’d be able to remain silent enough to get inside the church and Ally Switch you in. Almost 10 minutes pass and you start to get concerned, but then the world suddenly seems to flash and your surroundings change in an instant.

Elen had done it, you were inside the church! You find yourself inside a small storage room, mostly occupied by dusty junk. You begin to wait for Elen’s return, but no more than a minute passes before you hear the clashing of feet on hardwood. The door bursts open as you are set upon by an army of Mankey and Gligar, who quickly overpower you and knock you unconscious. As your vision fades, you’re left wondering how they’d managed to find you so quickly, when they obviously couldn’t locate Elen when he had infiltrated the church.

You gasp for air as you regain consciousness. Quickly surveying your surroundings, you realize you’re in the main chamber of the church. The pews are filled with an array of urban Pokemon. Rattatas, Raticates, Lillipups, Herdiers, Meowths, Purrloins, as well as the Mankey and Gligar that had so brutally apprehended you. The altar has been ‘alter’ed into a makeshift throne, that houses the hulking white and purple figure. The large Simian fans itself lightly as it watches your every move. Surrounding the altered altar is a collection of food and stolen goods. Wallets, jewellery and numerous shiny objects. Looking up towards the stain glass windows, you notice a small, Inkay sized ripple. It seemed Elen was still looking over you, but you were in a room full of Pokemon, you had to think carefully now.

Gemini Spark- Wendy gets the signal, she retreats to an unknown position, prepared to strike as soon as you gave her the signal. That signal would be the sound of your White Flute, something she would easily recognise. Connors’ thug quickly ushers Emily out of the jeep as you arrive at the warehouse. Meanwhile, you choose to remain hidden, conserving the element of surprise for when you knew what you were up against.

“About time you got here!” You hear a familiar voice shout out, it was the same voice from the phone call earlier. “You nearly ruined the family reunion”, Connors chuckled, “welcome young lady, its Emily isn’t it?”

“Where are my parents you Ekans!” You hear Emily erupt, “you’re going to pay for this, there is no way you can get away with this!”

Connors continued to chuckle, “you ignorant girl, I’ve gotten away with this more than once, you can’t get anywhere in this world without a little extortion. Machamp! Machoke! Bring in the girl’s parents so we can get this meeting started.” You now had the identities of two Pokemon confirmed. From what you could tell, there were no other people or Pokemon present. “Ah, Mr and Mrs Bridge, I hope my Pokemon kept you comfortable. You’ll see that I’ve taken your daughter hostage now as well, so how about you sign away the deed to your property and we can wrap this up before anyone gets hurt? You hear no response, other than some muffled moans. “Ah, I see that you’ve finally come to your senses, just sign here and this can all be over.

“No!”, cries Emily, “don’t do it dad, you don’t have to do it!”
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