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Originally Posted by Patches View Post
Missingno. Master – Things were really heating up! Both sides were similarly matched, and this was still anyone’s win. The darkness mixed with the sand that was blowing through the air caused some visibility issues but neither side seemed to be all that worried about such a disadvantage being a problem. Once you finish issuing strategy to your Pokemon, everyone gets to work immediately. Madoka watches as her Pokemon think for themselves this round, confident that they know what they’re doing.

First, Vanish the Shedinja continues to target Tsuki the Lunitone and uses Endeavor in order to make them more evenly matched. Despite the darkness, the attack lands but at practically the same time, Tsuki shoots off a Power Gem attack at practically point-blank range. The super effective move is, well, super effective and Vanish is unable to go into their second attack before they fall from the sky and land with a thud completely knocked out on the ground. The Lunatone is still blocking the moonlight but is also a bit out of breath, it’s clear that the Pokemon is barely hanging on at this point. In a separate part of the field, Luna the Swoobat has a newfound confidence and is maneuvering through the darkness right toward Shishi the Carbink for another attempt at getting that flag. Before even reaching the Carbink, Luna begins to spit out a very Toxic substance that rains down all over Shishi causing the Carbink to be badly poisoned. In retaliation, Shishi Throws a Rock in Luna’s direction which nicks Luna’s right wing practically knocking her out of the air and also causing the first Stored Power she was releasing to completely miss. This doesn’t discourage her though, and once she’s back in the air she releases a second Stored Power, this one hitting her target despite the darkness. The Carbink certainly felt that it was clear, but it also was still very much on guard and charged in and Tackled the Swoobat back because she was getting too close to the flag for comfort.

Where the other flag is located, Observe the Medicham was concentrating in order for him to Read the Mind of any Pokemon that dare approach. There was no way any opponent was going to take him by surprise no matter how dark it is. However, he didn’t hone in on the approaching threat fast enough to see Lulu the midnight Lycanroc Quickly charging in to Attack him off guard. The Medicham is tackled to the ground and Lulu is charging straight for the flag in the dark. But Observe was now locked onto the Lycanroc since his Mind Reader was in effect and when Lulu’s teeth were mere inches away from grabbing the flag, Observe used his Force Palm to smack the Lycanroc away, sending Lulu tumbling through the dirt. The Lycanroc isn’t getting up anytime soon and appears to be knocked out. Upon witnessing their friends defeat, Tsuki slowly moves away from the moon, allowing the moonlight to illuminate the field once again. The Lunatone seems to have its eye on your flag now. The Carbink was also staring down Luna pretty hard and this really seemed to be neck and neck at this point.
Things were getting intense. Right away, things took a turn for the unfortunate- Vanish landed its Endeavor, but at the same time, Tsuki had fired off a Power Gem. A point-blank super effective move that the Shedinja had no hope of evading, and even less hope of withstanding.

Terri held out the Friend Ball. "Vanish, undo," she said, withdrawing the Bug/Ghost-type. "Thanks so much," she smiled. "We got it from here."

Luna was brimming with newfound confidence as she dove in to attack Shishi. The Toxic attack was a direct hit. Terri smiled, knowing that this was the influence of Luna's previous Trainer shining through here- new as she was to Fizzytopia, Keith Masters had a well-deserved reputation as a Poison-type master, and she knew it very well. The Carbink's retaliatory Rock Throw was unfortunate, as it caused Luna's first use of Stored Power to wildly misfire, but the Swoobat was able to land a perfect hit with the second one. The Swoobat, however, then took a Tackle attack.

Lulu, meanwhile, was making a run for the flag. Observe executed a Mind Reader but was unable to do so in time to anticipate the Quick Attack. And not without reason- neither Terri nor any of her Pokémon were under the impression that the Midnight Form of Lycanroc could even learn Quick Attack. And indeed, this move put Lulu within inches of nabbing the flag, but Observe was quick to respond, sending the Rock-type flying with a super effective Force Palm. Lulu tumbled across the dirty battlefield, and as she came to rest, she had been knocked out. And Terri could see this- Tsuki had moved away from the moon, letting moonlight shine down on the battlefield once more. What was more, Tsuki seemed ready to make a move on the flag. It only made sense, Terri figured, considering both Lulu and Godzilla had fainted. Likewise, with Anger and Vanish unconscious, this only left Luna to nab the flag that Shishi was guarding.

"Observe, keep the Lunatone at bay," said Terri. "Let fly your Hidden Power as soon as it gets within range. Luna, let's get that flag!" she added. "Use Supersonic and see if you can get the flag while it's confused. If you need to, fight back with Stored Power followed by Assurance!"

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