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Sandaa: Your Pokemon smiled at each other, their glances proud, knowing that you would be proud too if you were conscious enough to express it. That was a mood for Scurvy especially, who felt like his own consciousness was teetering dangerously close to the edge after the battering he took. Why couldn't he be a solid, walking forest-- but more agile? Life sucked.

Trunks gave a little trumpet of happiness when you came around, teetering on his tiny toesies. When you had been in paralysisland, every second had felt like an eternity to the Phanpy, who was scared by almost losing you so soon. Taking down that Feralgatr had made you seem invincible, but he is clearly realising that wasn't necessarily the case. Sure, you've taken down the poachers, but Scurvy nearly joined you on the floor and if Masao and Drifblim hadn't been here, what state would you have been in?

Slowly you get to your feet, but you're a bit unsteady anyway, which isn't surprising. Everything aches and feels stiff, or at least what you can feel does. Getting out the Net Ball was a chore of its own, albeit less of one than the poacher was having with his own Poke Balls. He's coming around, too, falling still and blinking around at the scenery. “Scurvy used some kind of move on him and the other Pokemon. They all ended up confused, it was a serious game changer.” Masao explained as the poacher looked up at Raphael, glowering nastily.

“I'm surprised you're even bothering to show me mercy. Is it because your good friend here is actually paying attention now, can see what you're doing?” That said, the sands had only stopped swirling now that Terra and Scurvy were off the field, the Galvantula almost entirely buried underneath. You reallyyyy needed to stop almost killing things, man. The poacher was sneering at you, but not for long. Masao's Drifblim had ghosted in front of them, eyes glowing blue. The poacher's eyes light up the same, and he slumps over asleep.

“That'll help. Can you return the fainted Pokemon, too? It should be the only empty balls over there, I hope.” Masao added, and he took out his phone. He was calling this in to the authorities, letting them know every detail so that they could pick up the hulking equipment as well as the criminals, and perhaps give you a lift away if you need. You'd have to give some sort of statement, to be fair, whether while in the Mints or back at their headquarters. To be fair, it was easier to have people come to you, rather than haul their unconscious arses through dense forest and over ocean waves. This place was reputed as treacherous even without human involvement.

Eventually they get here, setting up a bit of a scene. Trunks sticks close by. This is all very overwhelming for him. You give your statement to a detective after Masao gives his, the ranger agreeing to go back with the officials once everything is cleared up. It's his job to make sure things are nice and neat after all.

“Oh, hey. By the way, for helping me and Drifblim and keeping the place safe. Take these.” You already found an Oval Stone earlier thanks to Scurvy, but here Masao was, handing you a shiny stone and heart scale for your trouble. Neat!

Adventure Rewards:

1x Oval Stone
1x Shiny Stone
1x Heart Scale

Now get out of my good Arceian zone, you fucking psychopath.
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