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Sandaa: In spite of Terra getting bugged by the relentless infestation that the Galvantula had released, determination still pushed the titan on. That, and the advantage that Scurvy had given them all made things a stroll in the park. The arachnid basically flailed its way into the new sand tomb – really? It's not too soon to try drowning something else? Come on, guys – and although the grass-type's close combat moves put it in direct danger of a poison jab, taking one for the team wasn't going to kill it. You know, like your sand tombs keep almost doing, you flipping psychopa--

There was no way that those moves, after all it had suffered, weren't going to knock out the Galvantula. One down, another to go, unless you were planning on finish off those poor, immoral hunters as well. Terra had gained four levels as it sat and watched the sand tomb slowly swallow its unconscious enemy. Neat! What a sense of deja vu.

Scurvy probably wasn't thinking of the others, either, in his assault. The hunter swore as he saw the Aipom summoning more electricity and the grey clouds that suddenly swirled above them. He was trying to drag his girlfriend back, unsteady on his feet, although they at least managed to evade any 'splash' of thunder from striking them. The Skarmory wasn't so lucky, but it wasn't done yet. When the monkey came close for its punches, Skarmory lashed out with a severe assurance, and although it endured the fire punch, the dynamic one had taken it down. With an anguished creak and drawn out squawk, the steel bird toppled over, limbs sounding out like a toppled building. Scurvy was hanging on by the skin of its teeth (that assurance had been severe), but Scurvy had also gained four levels for their talents in battle.

“Shit, shit, shit...!” The poacher still standing was scrambling with his belt, trying to find the ball to recall Galvantula, but the confusion and rising pressure had him clumsy. The spheres he had were rolling about him on the forest floor as he kept picking one up and then dropping it for another, seemingly unable to tell which of his roster was empty. This was only worsened now he had to take his partner's into account to find Skarmory's. An escape was on his fractured mind while relief was on yours. Masao had apologised, the Drifblim having helped him take out his first aid kit, and after slipping you a berry to help the paralysis wear off, he was setting some kind of cleansing wipes and cream over the nastiest looking cuts and sores. They hurt like a biznitch, but at least you'd be up on your feet very soon and have a few less concerns until you got to a hospital. And you had Trunks as moral support, prodding you with love! Fab.

It looked like everything was going your way. So what do you all do?
The disoriented poacher fumbled about through his and his partner’s Pokeballs as he tried to retrieve the defeated Galvantula and Skarmory. Albeit tired, Scurvy and Terra smiled triumphantly as they remained on guard through heavy breaths. Their trainer would be proud if he had been conscious enough to witness their battle against tough opponents.

Meanwhile, Trunks remained at Gary’s side in hopes of nursing him back to health. Fortunately, Masao had actual medicine in the form of a berry and a first aid kit and with Drifblim’s help, he began applying it to the unconscious trainer. “Wha…” Gary groggily groaned as he came to and slowly opened his eyes. The berry had worked wonders at a miraculous pace as he lifted his head woozily and looked around. Setting his eyes on the concerned Trunks, Gary smiled and gingerly pat the Phanpy on the head, nuzzling his cheek against the elephant’s affectionately. “Thanks for taking care of me, and you too Masao.”

After a few moments, Gary was able to regain his bearings and looked around at the surrounding area. He was relieved to find Scurvy and Terra in one piece and looking victorious at that. “Great job guys, I’m proud of you both.” Gary wasn’t all smiles however as he slowly got to his feet. He turned to face the poachers and recalled Scurvy and Terra to their Pokeballs in order to give them a much deserved rest. He then pulled out a familiar Net Ball, releasing Raphael the Blastoise once more. “Drop what you’re doing and put your hands behind your head,” he ordered the poacher sternly as Raphael narrowed his eyes and pointed a shoulder cannon directly in the poacher’s face. The time for Gary’s benevolence had long passed. He was officially done with these poachers’ shit. Gary kept a watchful eye on the poacher’s movements and gave Masao a reassuring nod. “Let’s restrain these guys and bring them to the authorities.”
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