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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post

While numbers weren’t on their side, Jayson was fortunate to have two of his biggest bodyguards at his side, and were supported by a type advantage at that. With the menacing Lycanrocs snarling at them from all directions, the young Rockruff had finally mustered up enough courage to throw his hat into the ring, offering to join Jayson’s team by doing so. Without creating any sudden movements to set off the angry wolves, Jayson reached down and offered a Dusk Ball to the Rockruff. The young pup looked up at it inquisitively and gave it a sniff before prodding it with his nose, allowing him to be pulled inside in the process. Without needing to shake even once, the ball let out a celebratory “Ding!” signifying the capture was a success. Congratulations, you have captured a lv.15 male Rockruff with the ability Own Tempo!

Deciding upon the name Fenrir for the newest member of his team, Jayson sent the Rockruff back out to help out in battle. As the Dusk Ball popped open with a flash, it set off the Lycanroc around them, who barked and growled while gnashing their jaws. Alexander the Nidoking fired off a flurry of needles, the Poison Stings hoping to keep the canines at bay, but one of the Lycanrocs summoned a Rock Tomb from the earth to form a protective wall. Ajax launched a Seed Bomb that quickly caused the rocky wall to crumble away, but as it fell, they noticed that the Lycanroc was no longer behind it. Ajax was suddenly struck from behind as a wolf slammed into him with an Accelerock while another delivered a nasty Bite on Alexander’s arm. As Ajax and Alexander punched and kicked their respective foes off with Needle Arms and Double Kicks for super effective damage, the two wolves gave out pained yelps. The other two came to their rescue, attacking each of the Nidoking and Chesnaught with a ramming Tackle.

Two of the four Lycanroc had taken solid hits, but all four were raring to go. The bulky Nidoking and Chesnaught seemed to have the defensive advantage despite being outnumbered, but as the wolves took turns to try and wear them down, this could quickly become a battle of attrition. What will Jayson do?
With Fenrir successfully captured, Jayson was certain that the three would be able to overcome the four Lycanroc. Their enemies seemed to battle in unison, they worked as a team, striking and retreating. Jayson dug into his bag, retrieving his Pokedex as well as a small purplish orb. The Pokedex he used on Fenrir, he needed to know what moves the pup was packing if he was going to join Ajax and Alexander in the fight. To Jayson's surprise, the Rock type packed a couple of interesting moves, as well as an unexpected ability.

"Catch Alexander!" Jayson tossed the Life Orb to the Nidoking, who felt an instant rush of power as the orb sent a burst of energy through his body. Jayson had been meaning to give the orb to the Nidoking for some time, he'd done some research and found that the Life Orb worked well with the Poison type's Sheer Force ability. They'd already done some damage to a couple of the Lycanroc, their best bet was to take down a couple at a time.

"Alexander, rush one of the already damaged Lycanroc's with a Smart Strike, then follow that up with a Drill Run! Ajax, grab the other damaged Lycanroc with Vine Whip then drain it with Giga Drain! Fenrir, Howl to boost your strength before letting out a Snarl to keep the other two at bay. Follow up with a Stomping Tantrum if they come at you!" Despite them holding the type advantage, Jayson was concerned that the Lycanroc would prove hard to handle.

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